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Best Wireless headset under £200?

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Doublebow 7 months ago

So i bought the arcits 7's the other day and when they arrived they looked great, sounded great and the mic quality was great, but after about an hour of playing my left ear started to feel weird and for the next two hours I was constantly readjusting them to make them fit, nothing works. I did come from a pair of corsair h2100's which looked disgusting, weigh a ton, have terrible mic quality, but at least they were comfy, these things after only an hour now my left ear feels very painful. And after contacting steel series about this they responded, by telling me to spend more money to buy ear cups which would add a further £20 (yeah really, £20 for bloody ear cups that may or may not help) really they should have just sent them out for free but I guess they dont want me to buy there products again, which I most certainly wont, on top of that they took 6 days to respond to my ticket, and the first response was "Hi I'm xxxx and I will look into your ticket momentarily" it then took 2 further days for him to respond. What a joke.

Anyways rant aside I need a new pair of headphones, ones that are under £200, and that don't look ludicrously ****, every headset today looks so tacky, its the reason why I got the arctis 7's because I could wear them not only at home on my pc, but while watching the tv, or listening to music on my phone on the bus. Ive searched for days but I cant seem to find anything, and I don't trust reviews anymore since these said they were the best gaming headsets overall by many reliable reviewers.

Any help would be great.


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