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Things about ryzen new APU

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alucard21 11 months ago

So I'm considering getting the new ryzen Apu and I was wondering if somebody could clear up him some some issues that I was wondering about basically just the ram that I would put in my machine also work with the internal GPU there the APU so basically I would want more RAM to get better performance and if I have that with 8GB enough for what I want 16 I'm just a little confused in your help would be greatly appreciated thank you

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Gilroar 1 Build 2 points 11 months ago

Gaming: Since the system RAM is being used for VRAM you want Dual Channel, Fast, and Low Latency in that order. There is a rather decent benefit to having more then 8gb of RAM since 1-2gb will be dedicated to graphics lowering available system RAM, and any overruns of that VRAM will go to system RAM anyway so setting it to the lower amount doesn't help.

Non Gaming: Much of what applies to gaming also applies here sadly RAM interface is being overused by both CPU and Graphics so Dual Channel first to increase memory access bandwidth and Fast RAM is a benefit although effects of RAM latency can be lower.

Problem with 8gb and APU is its not hard to use up 6gb or so remaining when the integrated graphics are being used by large web pages or games which then sends everything that would normally be sent to RAM to the Disk Drives instead and you suffer massive slow downs.

And this will probably be unwelcome but you would get better performance out of a 2200G+GT 1030/RX550 and 2400mhz/2666mhz RAM then you would see from a 2400G+3200mhz Cas 14 RAM because of how both CPU and Graphics stressing RAM interface slows performance.

mark5916 1 point 11 months ago

If you need more Ram it depends from the applications in question you are running.

But get definitely high speed ram modules.

It would be beneficial for the integrated GPU chip.