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Ebuyer - not detecting out of stock

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Dillanm 10 months ago


Just something I've been noticing more recently in regards to RAM - ebuyer is almost always the cheapest in the categories I'm searching for (16gb DDR4 either 4x4, 2x8 or 1x16) however they are almost always out of stock and so (IMO, at least) should be filtered out of the current lowest available price.

As an example, I just set the search categories to the above, sorted by price ascending and selected the first 5 products - all 5 of them were cheapest on ebuyer, all 5 of them were out of stock but not marked as such on PCPP.

The only issue I really have with it is that it's misleading, obviously I'd manually check everything in a build before I bought it but it makes the 'at a glance' pricing much more difficult because you need to manually filter through every RAM product until you find one that's either in stock at ebuyer or available from another vendor.


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gomark 1 Build 2 points 10 months ago

Agree, and I feel responsibility for this must lie with eBuyer. The paratetric filters on here seem to react to price drops in (close to) real time - and new reductions on eBuyer stock keep shooting up to the top of the Price Drops list multiple times a week, yet they're always sold out.

To me that suggests eBuyer must be deliberately dropping their prices as soon as an item goes out of stock. To be fair, it may be that they do it when there's one left of something...though having said that, sometimes it's for a pretty old or obscure item that I'd find it hard to believe got snapped up within five minutes of going on sale.

Perhaps it's a tactic to help nudge them up pricing aggregators? Pure speculation from me, of course. But it's mightily frustrating, whatever it is.

I also keep noticing an issue whereby the prices that pull through to here for certain stores (nearly always ones at the top of vendor price lists) are way off when you actually click through to the vendor site itself, and yet they stay like that for ages.

The Ryzen 5 1600 price at AWD-IT, for example, has said £150.95 on here for around a month now, but it's clearly listed at £169.94 on AWD-IT's site, and has been for pretty much all of that time. (Weirdly, £150.95 isn't even the price before tax - that's £141.62 - and there's no sort of rebate or anything on offer...£150.95 just seems a totally random number based on nothing very obvious at all. I presume it was that price once, even if only for a few minutes?)

A couple of other stores consistently seem to have similar issues, and yet certain others are always unerringly accurate and up-to-the-minute. Feels like a bit of a lucky dip at times!

Must be to do with the way the individual stores supply PCPP with the info, somehow.

Dillanm submitter 1 point 10 months ago

I've noticed your second point a lot on Amazon, a few times now I've clicked on RAM on Amazon and the price is maybe 50% more once you actually click through to the site.

gomark 1 Build 1 point 10 months ago

Yeah it's super annoying. Can only imagine it's deliberate on the part of the retailers. I certainly don't blame PCPP for not being able to 'filter' it out if that's the pricing info that the vendors are putting out there, but it makes looking for a decent deal feel like a total crapshoot at times!