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SSD or HDD for steam library and photo archives?

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johnyboy102 12 months ago

Im planning on putting windows on a small 250gb SSD. For my steam library and photo archives I want at least a 1TB option (probably 2TB would be best if I had to guess). Would a SSD help with this/is it worth the extra money? Feel free to recommend drives!

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Nullarc77 3 Builds 2 points 12 months ago

No it is not worth the extra money. With a 250gb ssd you can store a couple of games that you play often and move them to the hdd when you stop playing them creating space for another game. Getting an hdd would be the best option for a secondary drive since you will pay a lot less for the same capacity. A 2tb ssd will cost you around $500. A 2tb hdd will cost you around $60.