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Cyrus_014 13 months ago

What are your parents their rules for playing video games? Just curious, because every parent is different. Are you allowed to game after your homework or only in the weekend. My mom says that I’ve to study about any subject after homework. I’m only allowed to play games on weekends, and sometimes she even says that I only can play only on sundays. How about you guys?

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tragiktimes101 1 Build 1 point 13 months ago

When I was in school I had no restriction on the kind of games I played (E-M). But, I did have the restriction that only after a) my homework/studying was done and b) my daily chores were done. And, depending on the time of year, I would likely want to go spend time with friends riding bikes around my town being a little hoodlum, lol. Looking back, I'm very glad I was held to those standards.

ZaCLoNe 1 point 13 months ago

wait.....riding bikes? you weren't glued to a phone in your face, virutally talking to your friends while inside, with spotify and youtube going, and posting selfies? What a horrible childhood experience :P

ssjg5rlly 1 point 12 months ago

Wait. Being glued to a waste-of-money iPhone 7/8/X is a good childhood?

ZaCLoNe 1 point 12 months ago

Well, I mean if in a childhood one could have an iPhone X, isn't that good? lol

PCPPAccountant 1 point 13 months ago

I don't now that I'm adult, but when I was in school my parents would make sure I did my homework and daily chores first. If I didn't and decided to lie about it I would have my *** handed to me lol

Eltech 20 Builds 1 point 13 months ago

What were my parent's rules about video games was that I had to finish my homework, do chores, and couldn't be up pass a certain hour which was around 9PM the latest. And this was when I was a kid through my teens.

I was very guilty breaking the hour rule a lot when I was 10 (and yes some before that age). Though age 4-9 I was really more an arcade girl than video game consoles in the house until N64 came into my life then it slowly went the other way around. PC gaming was barely exposed and wasn't really into them heavily until 17. Though the rules still applied until I was a stubborn, pain in the arse, 18 year old. (Plus the hour rule was gone by this time.)

  • I wasn't allowed to own rated M games (except I had at least three Rated M games approved by my parents when I was a kid and a teen). Until I became 18 then I was able to purchase rated M games, though ironically I was pretty selective on my choice of games when I was 18 (which most were still rated E-T video games).
Haze159 1 Build 1 point 13 months ago

It used to be in 5th-7th grade that I would have to have all chores and homework done before i could play games or watch tv. Now in 11th, i can play whenever and whatever i want. They still want chores and homework done at some point in the day though. I could go months and they don't say anything, but then randomly they'll take my computer or my phone away.

Daiyus 1 point 13 months ago

I didn't have any form of gaming until I could afford it. The rules basically stemmed from my maturity to be able to fund the hobby. At 11 I bought a PlayStation for €10 from a friend while on holiday and got an uncased copy of Crash Bandicoot for 50p at school. I had the usual homework first and standard bed-time rules to start with. I started buying more games with birthday or Christmas money when I had it but mostly traded games to keep the hobby alive.

By 13 I'd managed to save enough for a PS2 and by 14 I'd convinced my parents I was mature enough for games like GTA by holding down a part time job, but it was always me buying the games apart from the odd one gifted to me at Christmas. It was at this point my parents gave me free reign of my time so no curfew, but still kicked my arse if I didn't do my duties.

At 16 I bought an Xbox 360 and by 17 I owned a PS3 as well and bought a Wii for my mum. It's been evolving like that ever since. I'm now 27 and have been on PC's for eight years. I'm now planning my first custom loop. I'll be holding my daughter to very similar regimen.

Nullarc77 3 Builds 1 point 13 months ago

My parents didn't really care when I played games as long as I finished my school work for the day. Also was restricted on games and still am. Until recently I couldn't play games with blood and still can't play games with gore or strong language. I don't mind overall but there are a few games that I wan't to play but can't.

Bran_Flakes 1 Build 1 point 13 months ago

I didn't have games when I was a young kid and didn't really get into them that much until I became of the pre-teen age. When I did, my mom usually gave me an hour a day, and two on the weekends. There were times when I wouldn't even hit that amount of time. I was outside a lot though, so it was never a huge problem. She might give me a bit more if it was raining or I couldn't go outside for whatever reason.

Tbh I wish I had never gotten into games in the first place. Would have had so much more time for more important things when I was younger (teenage years) that wouldn't have developed into the time waster it is now.

Honestly if my buddy hadn't moved away I would have probably sold all my gaming stuff a long time ago Lol

VapidDarkness 1 point 13 months ago

My mom didn't really set any rules for me at all, and I only go to my dads every other weekend. My dad bought me a ps2 in 2006 (I was 5) and I had the typical crash bandicoot and sonic type games. Of course when I turned 7 my dad bought my GTA III (Mom was not happy), but she still let me play it. I typically don't have homework so I will do my chores and play some games.

darkshadoku 1 Build 1 point 13 months ago

When i was in school my mom would not set any type of restrictions on me about anything. I did however do my homework and all that before, sometimes after, but i got it done either way.

ssjg5rlly 1 point 12 months ago

My parents make me and my brothers wait until after dinner, because since each of us got home at different times, my brothers and I would argue on what games to play. Nowadays, though, since my grades are kind of on the bad side, I can only play on weekends. Usually then, though, I'd just play Fortnite with Geforce NOW. That month and a half was totally worth it!

nightrook 4 Builds 1 point 12 months ago

When I was a kid, I remember having to recite the times table to my dad to get 30-60 mins of gameplay a day on a Windows XP computer. xD Horrible loading times of the internet and Miniclip crashing constantly meant probably 10-20 minutes of actual gameplay. Then when I got a bit older I lived in a house with 4 other boys, and obviously we fought to use the computer. Don't remember playing much then. I was more of an outdoors kid. Then we moved, and got a computer for schoolwork, and we (my brother and I) were only allowed to use it after doing all our homework. And if we spent too much time on the computer on the weekends, my parents would kick us out of the house to "go play outside" hahaha. I started spending more time on the computer and breaking more rules the last one or two years of grade school, and when I got to high school my parents weren't around to stop me, so I was pretty much always on the computer. Never took high school seriously, it's kind of a miracle I passed with good grades. High school was a joke. :| And now my job is to use the computer all day, and if I'm not at work I'm studying which means I'm also on my computer all day. My future is bright. ._. With bluelight from technological devices.. xD On the bright side, I still spend time outdoors when it's particularly nice out or when I have vacation.

Cyrus_014 submitter 1 Build 1 point 12 months ago

Wow, the fact that you didn't take high school seriously and still passed with good grades just blows my mind xd. Education is just getting harder and harder every year and I think it all has to do with the speed of technology. But my question was what do you do for a living since you use the computer all day.

nightrook 4 Builds 1 point 12 months ago

Thinking back on it, I was a real troublemaker. :| I don't think it's anything to be proud of haha.

I can't say I have any experience with education getting "harder and harder every year" since we all only go through school once. Once meaning pretty much every level of education except college/university, since you can experience different universities if you really wanted to. Except maybe with a different degree, since I don't even know if you can take the same degree again. o_O Food for thought. ANYWAY-

I'm currently employed full-time at a university as IT, working with my team in coordination with the other teams and of course the "boss" team who's in charge of all the IT sections. Our team is special in the sense that we are pretty much experts in anything practical. The other teams do mostly administrative work that we help out on from time to time like software testing and etcetera, but any problem they need analysed go to us. Essentially, I work with tech all day long so I'm stuck in front of a screen when I'm not needed on the field.