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Lf case suggestions and a bit of help.

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RainOfPain125 11 months ago

I was looking into buying the Enthoo pro from Phanteks ( http://www.phanteks.com/Enthoo-Pro.html )

But I didn't get the "liquid cooling" part. It says stuff like "120 mm radiator" then "up to ###" for the front, rear, top and bottom.

What does it mean by "up to" and all that? I'm just curious

Also, can anyone suggest a case big enough to fit a 360mm radiator?

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thunder-93 2 points 11 months ago

“Up to” just tells you the biggest radiator that will fit.

So on front, you can fit up to 240mm (e.g. 2x 120mm size) ... so you can put 120 or 240 AIO but you can’t put a 360 AOI (3x 120), 280 (2x140), or 420 (3x140) on the front.

The top can fit nearly all AIOs (up to 360: to include 240 & 360 for 120mm fan models; and up to 420: to include 280 & 420 for 140mm fan models). 360 AOI would fit fine here with room to spare.

The back can only fit a 120mm or 140mm AOI CPU cooler. Most case back exhaust can fit 120mm ... less common are cases with back 140mm exhaust. Most folks who use a since 120 AIO usually put the radiator on the back.

So the Phanteks Enthoo Pro case can fit a 360mm AIO liquid CPU cooler up top.

Most (but not all) mid-tower ATX cases can fit a 360 AIO or custom liquid cooler/radiator ... just check case specs on where the 360 can fit. Spec will tell you if a case can only fit up to a 240 CLC.

Also, PC Partpicker build helps with automatically checking compatibility of your build (to include CPU coolers; liquid and air). If a case won't fit a 360 AIO CLC, it will flag as a compatibility issue. When choosing a case, you can click “View Compatible CPU Coolers”, as well, to list the CLCs compatible with that case. Filter on 360 and pick your favorite.

Hope this helps.