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GPU Bios Saving Issues

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hellfire19981 4 months ago

I have a Dell 7577 (who doesn't? so popular...) with a GTX 1060 Max-Q. now, I have done the most overclocking that could be expected on this laptop with the stock Bios in place. The problem is that I want to go higher (it can take the heat, the cooling on this laptop is awesome), but I cannot save the bios to a file to edit. I have attempted this with Nvflash, GPU-Z, etc. It does not appear to recognize the graphics card. I tried the 'solutions' from other forums such as disabling the card in the device manager, then both that and the integrated graphics to no avail. I have heard that it may be integrally tied to the motherboard bios. can anyone give me a pointer? Maybe I missed something along the way?

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Shakaron 4 Builds 1 point 4 months ago

We're talking about GPU overclocking, right?

I've recently overclocked my GTX 970 and had the same problem: while the GPU can take the extra heat, the tools (MSI Afterburner, EVGA Precision X, etc) just do not allow more voltage on the GPU to increase stability.

So yeah, it seems like you've reached your limit.

but I cannot save the bios to a file to edit.

Well, I myself am not too keen on replacing the firmware of the GPU just to push the overclocking value a bit more. I suppose you understand that say, you have 1708 MHz boot clock (base) then you OC it to e.g. 2000 MHz. Then the firmware you have and tools do not allow more. Now you have about 17% speed (over the original boost clock). Messing with the firmware and everything would e.g. result in you to reach e.g. 2100 MHz. This 2100 MHz over the 2000 MHz would be now only a 5% increment. With a game running at 60 FPS it means about 3 FPS (if the game is GPU bound, of course, otherwise, you may see about 0 gaming performance increment).

Is it worth all the trouble?

hellfire19981 submitter 1 point 4 months ago

well, heres the thing. the GTX 1060 Max-Q is a laptop card. by stock, it came in this laptop with a 1100Mhz clock and (1200?) Mhz boost. I can OC it up to 1300Mhz clock and 1400Mhz Boost. the voltages on the max-Q lineup are voltage locked because they are intended for thin-and-lights (which this PC is not). I need to save the bios, edit it with NiBiTor and then flash it back to the card for unlocked voltages.