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I need a laptop suggestion

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EvilHedgehog 4 months ago

It needs the following things: AT LEAST 256 gb storage does not need to be an SSD

To be able to run minecraft, Roblox and maybe some slightly heavier games WELL (50 FPS) minimum

Be able to go on the Internet for schoolwork.

Have more or around 4 hrs battery life.

Be around, or under 200$



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hellfire19981 1 point 4 months ago

Well, I'll tell you what: I have a laptop that I was going to sell on Ebay, but I could sell it to you instead (probably through Ebay anyway, of course.) It is much better than most any laptop you could normally get for under $200. it has an i5-6200u, 128GB SSD, 1TB Hard Drive, Nvidia GTX 950m, and unfortunately, no RAM. you'll have to pick up a stick. 4GB would work for your purposes. I'll even link you some thats compatible if you're interested. I bought this a year and a half ago on newegg for $620. It would resell for about $350, but I am willing to cut you some slack as a fellow gamer. you can reply here or email me at: aaronsh343@gmail.com This laptop can push 300FPS in Minecraft easily (not that you'll see more than the max of 60, since the refresh rate of the screen is 60Hz, like most screens), but this gives you the option to run shaders and mods very well.

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