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Asus Zenith + Phanteks Evolv X ?

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PepeCZ 4 months ago

Hi guys, please I plan buy in +- february new pc.

In my country is price for first generation threadripper really very very low now, model 1900x (I know only 8 cores blabla, but this platform TR4 have better good future-proof) and lowest model first generation threadripper is now for very low price, lower than price Ryzen2700x.

In my eyes/build what I want buy - TR4 vs AM4: all components what I want will be in both configuration TR4 vs AM4 same, only two items will be other and one item have platform tr4 more. And this is why I created conclusion, that I build TR4 build and not AM4 build.

  • motherboard (for TR4 vs AM4, will be cost around twice more money)

  • ram (for TR4 will cost 4xram around 1,5 price of ram for AM4)

  • cpu cooler (this have only platform tr4, with am4 come cooler in cpu box)

These are only two components different + one item more - for platform TR4 versus AM4. And this is not very big difference, in price, for better future-proof of platform TR4 with 64 pcie lanes. :-)

Now I only need little help with pc case, from first day when I start prepared my build, I want buy next generation Phanteks Evolv X. This pc case I selected before I created result if tr4 or am4. Phanteks released this case. And now I only need know, If board Asus Zenith will fit into this pc case, or not.

On internet I found many review on previous generation "non-x" version Phanteks Evolv and Asus Zenith. But zero information about new "x" version Phanteks Evolv X and Asus Zenith? this combination I cannot found.


my planned pc build for 2019: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/LpdnJ8 and in future, when will have in my country newer generation threadripper discount (as have now 1900x discount), so I plan change cpu 1900x for better (16 or 32 cores)

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Enrico411 1 point 4 months ago

ROG ZENITH EXTREME is EATX and Phanteks - ENTHOO EVOLV X supports EATX so it should fit.

PepeCZ submitter 1 point 4 months ago

Hi Enrico, somewhere on internet I readed, that evoldx for eatx boards support only into some leght cm. Exist here some builds with zenith plus new evolvx?

Enrico411 1 point 4 months ago