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versatilesoldier 6 days ago

I'm sorry for doing this again but can you please help me decide if this list is good and cost effective? Thanks.


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F3atherz 1 point 6 days ago

looks good.

versatilesoldier submitter 1 point 6 days ago


Mr.Budget 1 point 6 days ago

looks good to me

Chrisgorlitz 1 point 6 days ago


Hi there, what you have configured appears perfectly fine.

I've just made a few suggestions for possible upgrades you may wish to consider, e.g. changing your intel CPU for a more modern second generation Ryzen 5 2600, this would involve also changing the motherboard, but for around an extra $55 you get a far more modern & better motherboard & CPU combo that should last you a lot longer and it also has built in WIFI.

The cooler I've suggested has a greater airflow, though if you go with the Ryzen CPU you should get a cooler included as standard should you wish to use this instead. The memory upgrade is just of slightly higher quality and probably won't offer any real performance advantage. The HP EX900 SSD by contrast, is an NVMe drive should offer read & write speeds 3 to 4 times faster than the SATA SSD's and will help your computer boot faster.

I've also included a 2TB hard disk for storage, 240gb doesn't last long these days. The RX 580 will offer more performance than the GTX 970, but it does cost twice the price, so really swings & roundabouts and the GTX 970 you have already included does actually appear to offer really good performance for not a lot of money.

The power supply is a modular one, a bit more expensive, but better quality and so much easier for installing.

Hope some of these upgrades may give you something to consider and may I wish you the very best with your build.

versatilesoldier submitter 2 points 6 days ago

Hey chris, thanks for the help on my build! Since I only can afford around $700 for a pc and monitor, I don't think I can buy the list that you gave me, especially at $900 (including monitor). Also, I think you missed the fact that pcpartpicker said you need a separate mount for the hyper 212. Thanks for the help though, peace!