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AMD 8000 series and nVidia GeForce 700 series (official sources)


80 months ago

OK, so we know nVidia had the Tegra 4 and 4i flop like a carp on the docks, while their wet dreams of appearing in future consoles hit the floor faster than an i3970X can outpace an AMD Athlon X3 CPU.

So... what's next for nVidia? Well, out of necessity, they either need to REALLY ramp up their B2B (business to business) sales... or they need to take back the consumer video cards market (preferably the high-profit and sales area - like the dedicated graphics card market), although they could also ratchet up the sales of their mobile video cards (although, due to their cost, and the fact that there aren't too many hardcore laptop gamers, it isn't easy to increase sales that much). They don't sell any integrated graphics on motherboards anymore, nor are they making crazy money from mobile sales anymore, since their new products aren't available (or that fast) yet, and their old products are obsolete (pretty much).

So... how does nVidia respond? By offering "Metro: Last Light" with their "mid-to-upper" range of video cards. Source:

Also, by offering a glimpse (and possibly releasing) the Desktop GeForce 700 series cards at Computex 2013, in late May. Source:

I believe that, for nVidia's sake, they need to make their bundle a LOT sweeter. F2P (free-to-play) MMO games are nice and all, but gamers often want off-line titles with online multi-player experiences as well. I believe they should offer other games too; I personally wouldn't mind adding Mass Effect 3 (yes it's old), Skyrim (yes it's old), Guild Wars 2, and other awesome games to the mix. Remember, by offering the best games possible (and by ratcheting up the GeForce Experience automatic settings configuration to deliver a better experience, adjusted for each of the graphics cards they have), and by optimizing their drivers for those games (without forgetting the SLI profiles - very important!), they'll be able to really make a hard case for any gamer (hardcore or not) to buy these games.

Heck, they could even offer something really interesting, like say a 100$ Steam Credit for any gamer who buys a graphics card of theirs, or the ability to choose a certain number of games from a list. By adding flexibility to the list, it'll make it all the more interesting. You could keep the F2P credits/virtual-cash, and still offer great games, and have the gamers pick and choose whatever they wanted. If a gamer already has some things on the list, there's sure to be things on there he'd still want.

Add (Good 'Ol Games) to the list, for those who want to enjoy some old classics, Steam Credits, etc, and everybody wins. With parnterships with other businesses, I'm sure nVidia could get exclusive deals to pay something like hundreds of thousands of dollars to in order to offer all their gamers (who buy a card after a certain date) a certain amount of credits (like, say 40$ on Also, the same could be done with other game developers. Give players a "free game mall", with something like a serial number to unlock it. So a gamer could send in his purchase information via e-mail to nVidia, or type in an included serial key (in the graphics card, or sent via e-mail to the purchaser by the e-tailer/retailer) to the nVidia "free game mall". A GTX 660 could get up to 2 products on the page, or 1 product and 20$ worth of credit (in other stores or F2P titles). A GTX 680 could get, say, 4 products, and up to 50$ worth of credit (in other stores or F2P titles). SLI combos should get rewarded accordingly, so if somebody buys 3x GTX 670, get triple the bonus in the store, and maybe a little bit extra (maybe something exclusive for SLI gamers). And other cards like the GTX TITAN or the GTX 690 should get REALLY good stuff - like crazy good stuff at the "free game mall". Maybe beta keys for unreleased games, reserving unreleased games at stores, buying early access to games, getting nVidia-exclusive info about games and products before they're released (nothing really big that shouldn't be leaked; maybe small things, and give an NDA agreement to keep people from leaking too much and hestitating before they release it). Maybe offer people who buy 700$ or more something really nice, like a ticket to one of these expensive huge gaming and/or technology events - you know, the ones that make the headlines. Not everyone will be able to make it, and they'd have to pay to get there too - maybe offer them the possibility to trade in some of their "free game mall" credits for a ticket, to keep people from just getting all these tickets for free and not showing up, costing nVidia a lot of cash?

Anyways, let's go to the HD 8000 series. It's the OEM release, so nothing too big here.

But... wanna see an HD 8760 in action? Wait one second... there's a predator in the playground! Quick, somebody better sound the Amber Alert, because Linus from LinusTechTips is unboxing the Acer Predator G-series gaming desktop, with HD 8760 - on a real playground.

(Hold on while I engage racial-stereotyping mode... ACTIVATE!!!) "Oh no he di-dn't!" Finger wagging.

(Deactiving, for the sake of the remaining shred of dignity and self-respect I have left. Because our respective sanities have long been thrown to the draugrs, even since TES V: Skyrim physics inspired the Harlem Shake videos.)

Oh yes, he did.

... ... ... Fingers wags Caipirinha-style.

(Voice sounding like stereotypical in-game narrator says: You last shred of dignity and self-respect has DIED. GAME OVER! YOU LOSE.)

Dang, I couldn't resist.

Anyways... meh, there's my "article". If it was amusing, yay for me. If it had too many pop-culture (or YouTube, or gaming) references, tell me when Arizona freezes over (note: not any part of Arizona; I mean Phoenix in July, and NOT when Jan Brewer is around because that's just unfair). If it was hilarious, yay for me. If I wasn't as serious as you would have liked, you can file a complaint to The Federal Procrastination Committee For Forum-Posting Amateur Journalistic Seriousness, and I'll let you know when they get back to me.

Hope this was helpful. Have fun.

Good luck. Game on.


  • 80 months ago
  • 1 point

Another awesome article :D !! I like the opening sentence especially :P (no, there weren't too many gaming/YT references)

  • 80 months ago
  • 1 point

Well then next time I'll increase the inside gaming/YouTube references by a factor of exactly 8.41 !! (after I get approval from The Federal Procrastination Committee For Forum-Posting Amateur Journalistic Seriousness, of course)

Hehehehe... I like using my amateur articles as an excuse to give tech jokes based on currently available information (and a fairly high dosage of opinion, bias, and insanity).

Anyways... I'd like some feedback on my humor: Too acid? Too intellectual? Too witty? Too complex? Or not enough (insert_any_prior_adjective_here) ? Or just right?

Thanks for the compliment, dude. I'm thinking, do you know of any online blog, website, reviewer, or portal that would be interested in articles like these? I mean, of course I'd have to polish up the language a bit, maybe simplify the jokes a bit (and explain them for the simpleton who stumbles onto the page, or doesn't have time to research why the joke is funny and/or witty), maybe make the humor less acid and/or dark, make the article more professional-sounding (and work on polishing up the grammar/spelling, using better vocabulary, etc). Those are all, of course, minor adjustments I can make on the fly, but I'd like to get some feedback as to where/with whom I could apply for a position as freelancer writer/contributor and off-hand amateur semi-journalistic comedian?

Also, I'm going to propose something on the website... I'd like to gain your support, with other users, if possible. I want to get user suggestions to get philip to implement a way for users to send PCPartPicker-exclusive articles to be published here. Of course all rights to the content of the article would be forfeited to (or, better yet, given to CopyLeft/public domain/GPL/GNU/whatever/iLostTrackWhyAmIListingTheseAgain?), and there would be a disclaimer about "this content does not reflect the opinions or ideas of in any way, but are user-submitted and reflect the author's opinions". Something to keep angry partners from attacking PCPartPicker or creating tensions, but also keeping PCPartPicker from being considered an "unreliable source of information" in case some article contains information which is later proven to be false.

Of course initially I think this could work as a contest where a few users write sample articles, and the best ones get featured on PCPartPicker (maybe under a "News" or "Articles" or "Reviews" Tab in the main/home/front page). Make it fair for the community. Of course guidelines would apply, and only approved articles/reviews/news would get featured (since some of it might not be appropriate or accurate), which would get filtered manually pre-voting (and thus philip would choose the finalists to get voted on).

Heck, we could even include in the "User Agreement/Terms of Service" that any News/Articles/Reviews submitted to PCPartPicker (not the forum, though) gives PCPartPicker the right to display, link, share, distribute, and advertise on any content submitted. We could double it, so there's a reminder before a person submits an article; a small page that loads (with text box in full view, occupying say 300px tall on the screen) with another disclaimer. We could even implement it so that PCPartPicker would submit the content to the public domain (and register it there) before it's approved to be published here.

If we can get user support for it... we can probably get philip to work on it. What do ya say?

  • 80 months ago
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I would definitely read your blog! (I believe you posted about a blo previously, but I can't find the link now).

Personally, I would like more technical stuff (everything from transistor architecture in the GPUs to power delivery on the PCB, but I'm not sure that everyone else would like that, and it would take a whole lot more time.

I would like more articles on pcpartpicker, that would be awesome! And I would support you in any endeavor related to getting more articles! So in answer to your question I say yes!

  • 80 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks man. I'll write to philip about that, and offer it to him as a suggestion.

As for more power delivery... well, I think better powerful delivery would be better. I know "green gaming" is a big thing with gamers... but I'm not interested in a "low power" GPU. I'd much rather have a GPU that consumes 300W, and has a 300W-grade cooler on it (go nVidia Vapor Chambers to keep TDPs down).

I mean, why would I want more overclocking potential in a GPU when instead I could get a better default reference cooler, better (more efficient and silent) fans, and higher TDPs right off the bat?

Heck, go include some pro-gamer and pro-reviewer base fan profiles (for "silent", "performance", "hardcore gaming", "energy-saver", "casual gamer", and whatnot). Add the option for the community to share, test and rate their fan profiles.

Add also an area for gamers to vote and share their favorite softwares - imagine a community-based software rating and recommendation system. Something like YouTube, but instead of videos, it's ONLY gaming software (not games!). Things like GPU Overclocking, CPU Overclocking, CPU Monitoring, GPU Monitoring, Benchmarks, tutorials, guides, comparisons, etc.

And then allow users to also subscribe to users to see things like: "Check out IAmLord666AwesomesaucinessOfDoom1337!!!11!1!1liI1!WhyDoIMakeTheseRidiculousUserNamesOhGodKillMeNow 's favorite software, comparisons, personal reviews, etc.

Thus, a fairly good and reliable user might be able to have good insight into things. He might also be able to make lists of his PC components, modifications, softwares used, etc. Maybe also link some YouTube tutorial videos he made (or others made) on how to do something, how to mod a game (like Skyrim), etc.

Anyways, I figured that these sorts of ideas would really help shape the gaming community, and if adopted by a gaming manufacturer, that would be REALLY awesome.

Because that would pretty much make a gamer-specific social network that's meant for the purpose of sharing information about gaming. Add some manufacturers, retailers/e-tailers, some magazines, news sites, blogs, TV Channels, YouTube Channels, and you've got a backbone ready. Add live streaming support, and now it's getting ready to be epic; then add support for Android Streaming (via WiFi or LAN) for things like OUYA, iOS support for mac gamers (obviously this is to be taken as seriously as the term "hardcore text-based DOS 8086 gamer"), Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, those enterprise versions for "hard-work/hard-play" gamers (I don't believe a word of it - it's one or the other, or no sleep period), Linux (yeah! Steam for Linux!).

Then, add integration with Steam accounts (to show your achievements), Facebook account (to login, and share with your friends as per your privacy settings), Twitter (same purpose as the Facebook account integration, except you can only type the first 1.40 characters of your username, roughly 11.2 bits).

I'll write the topic request later. n.n

  • 80 months ago
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Holy crap! You have so many good ideas :D

Lol @


  • 80 months ago
  • 1 point

Meh, for me this is just a basic forum reply I'm putting in light effort into.

I know that sounds arrogant... but really, it's just comes natural to me, because I think of these things on my spare time, and my mind has a good way of organizing, explaining, wording and expressing my ideas in a logical, practical, thorough way (with explanations). Not hard, just demands practice; now if only I could speak to regular non-forum people, since this is how I normally speak to most other people 'IRL'. (Yep... it's sad. Well, at least it's not "oh my gawd I just watched charlie the unicorn for the third time, what's wrong with me?" sad... or "why am I listening to Justin Bieber's Baby, since I'm a composer of fine classical music that's world renowned and well-respected by my peers?" sad...)


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