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Build Guide

Modest Gaming Build

by manirelli




Our Modest Gaming Build is built around the Ryzen 5 1600. Using the stock cooler you should be able to achieve moderate overclocks on this unlocked processor. We paired the R5 1600 with a parametric list of B350 motherboards that supports up to 64GB of DDR4 memory, 6x SATA6 devices, and front panel USB3.0.


For this build and most machines outside of the top end enthusiast realm we opted to go with 8GB of DDR4 memory. The parametric filter finds the best price on 8GB kits of memory that are within AMD’s recommended specifications. We've limited it to DDR4-2800 and DDR4-3000 as Ryzen CPUs scale well with higher frequency memory. At the current time, using memory rated over 3000mhz is not advised without doing extra research as DIMM support can be hit or miss. AMD is working on releasing additional BIOS updates to add better compatibility for higher frequency memory. Our storage choice is also based on parametric selection criteria – 2TB and 7200rpm are our standard recommendations for builds that incorporate a mechanical drive. We've left out an SSD due to rising prices on GPUs but if you have some extra room in your budget you can pick up a 240GB drive for around 80 dollars.


On an 800 dollar budget, we would normally recommend the AMD RX 580. Unfortunately, due to a recent surge in cryptocurrency mining the availability of RX 570s and 580s is extremely low. As a replacement, we suggest using the Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB edition. The performance across most games will be similar to the AMD offerings. We've created a parametric filter to show you the lowest priced, full sized GTX 1060 which will be powerful enough for most AAA games.


All of the components are housed in the Fractal Design Focus G Mini MicroATX mid Tower. This case is an affordable option that has front panel USB3.0, room for full size graphics cards, and cutouts in the motherboard tray for easy cable routing. For our power supply, we're using a parametric selection of well-reviewed fully and semi-modular units, all of which will provide more than enough power for this system.

Part List Customize This Part List

Compatibility Check: No issues/incompatibilities found.

Estimated Wattage: 271W
Component Selection Base Promo Shipping Tax Price Where
CPU $197.65 $197.65 OutletPC Buy
From parametric filter
  • Form Factor: Micro ATX
  • Chipset: AMD B350
$59.99 FREE $59.99 Newegg Buy
From parametric filter
  • Speed: DDR4-2800, DDR4-3000
  • Type: 288-pin DIMM
  • Size: 8GB (1x8GB), 8GB (2x4GB)
$68.99 FREE $68.99 Newegg Buy
From parametric filter
  • Capacity: 2TB - 10TB
  • Type: 7200RPM
$59.99 Free two-day shipping with Amazon Prime $59.99 Amazon Buy
Video Card
From parametric filter
  • Chipset: GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
  • Length: 225mm - 403mm
$289.99 $4.99 $294.98 Newegg Buy
Case $49.99 FREE $49.99 Newegg Buy
Power Supply $69.90 -$20.00 $6.99 $56.89 Newegg Buy
$20.00 mail-in rebate
Base Total: $796.50
Mail-in Rebates: -$20.00
Shipping: $11.98
Total: $788.48
* Using your selected merchants and only including nearby in-store pickup prices)
* Some physical dimension restrictions cannot (yet) be automatically checked, such as cpu cooler / RAM clearance with modules using tall heat spreaders.

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richardlin13 2 points 1 month ago

Is Ryzen 1600 good for recording games and streaming?

willylongd 3 points 1 month ago


abstractabsol -4 points 1 month ago

i recomend going for the 1500x you dont need those extra cores so get a better clock speed and keep your money

Planemaster 3 points 18 days ago

The clock speed barely increases single core performance and the 4 extra threads are certainly worth it for any multi tasking

CalFariC 2 points 14 days ago

Sorry, but that's not a very good recommendation. If you want to save your money, buy a Ryzen 5 1400 and overclock to essentially turn it into a 1500X. Buy the 1500X if you do not want to overclock, or are uncomfortable with overclocking. If the latter, I highly recommend a video Paul's Hardware did on easily overclocking Ryzen 5 processors.

skeezy7 1 point 1 day ago

The 1500X has more cache which cant be duplicated on a 1400

JSchen 2 points 1 month ago

How would this pc handle streaming games, like what could I put game settings at and have a reasonable quality for the stream?

Rocket9011 1 point 1 month ago

Ryzen chips are really good for streaming and recording due to the amount of cores in the chip. The games should not drop frames while streaming or recording.

666ebola 2 points 1 month ago

Any good case alternative?

Pens87 3 points 27 days ago

Nzxt S340. Great case.

Spoomels 2 points 1 month ago

Fractal design define mini c?

goldenseeker05 2 points 20 days ago

s340 scratches easily the glass on the case scratches a lot so I would get the elite!

xrpm3 1 point 10 days ago

yo i have the s340 nothing scratches and the panel isnt made of glass

EDIT I would get the elite tho since its newer i got my case as soon as it came out

BringBring 1 point 27 days ago

corsair spec alpha it jsut looks awesome

RavioliBoii420 1 point 25 days ago

Corsair Carbide Spec-04. Affordable and pretty good looking.

SForPres 1 point 1 day ago

Define C. Great for water cooling. If you want tempered glass, get a Meshify C. Literally the Define C with a mesh front and a tempered glass panel.

Oplokboy89 2 points 1 month ago

Can thus build play with good fps on games like Rust, PUBg, GTA5 and etc?

Jeffs_ten_commandments 1 point 1 month ago

Depends on the settings.Also,get 16gb if you want to play PUBG.

Oplokboy89 1 point 1 month ago

16gb memory card? Why? I dont know much about pc im new. Thanks

TheQuackSavior 3 points 1 month ago

I think he means "16GB of RAM".

Jeffs_ten_commandments 1 point 1 month ago

No,16 gigabytes of ram in the form of memory sticks for your proccesor.Will you be building the computer or someone else?

Oplokboy89 1 point 1 month ago

Oh ok ,I will be building

Oplokboy89 1 point 1 month ago

Btw wgat do u think about this pc build i chose the parts awhile ago https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/zMJjM8 Can this play games like rust or pubg or some other games with good fps?

Jeffs_ten_commandments 1 point 1 month ago

Get a better power supply.You can check jonnyguru for some good power supplies(he also reviews bad ones but in the end of his articles he rates them.Pick one with 9 or higher score).Also if you can get the same graphics card but maybe with two fans.Two fans=better cooling=more headroom for overclocking=more fps.Also tell ke what resolution your monitor will be and what settings you want to play the games in.

bakerbread 2 points 28 days ago

What settings would this run Players Unknown Battlegrounds on consistent 60fps?

xFarazz 2 points 24 days ago

Would the downgrade to a 1060 3gb be a huge difference?

Moose123 1 point 22 days ago

Not too much when using 1080p and high/ultra settings, maybe a drop n 5-10 fps at MOST, but upgrading to the 1060 6gb will be worth your time.

Kevinkwiz 1 point 21 days ago

This is exactly what I am debating too! Can you expand on why it would be worth getting the 1060 6gb?

Moose123 2 points 21 days ago

The 6gb is going to be very helpful in the future for future AAA games that will soon be a requirement but if you can save the bit of money it would help you greatly in the future plus it doesn't seem like too big of a difference but once you get into the GPU intensive games it will be, so in my personal opinion I would go for the 6gb but if you are tight on money go with the 3gb, but be prepared in a couple of years for needing an upgrade. Hope this helps!

Kevinkwiz 1 point 21 days ago


Pepz 1 point 1 month ago

Would this pc build be likely to run virtual reality experiences like the HTC Vive well?

TheSleepEater 0 points 1 month ago

I'd say google for 1060 6gb htc vice benchmarks

Rheemglas 1 point 1 month ago

Good build

Bengalblood 1 point 1 month ago

So I am very new to building a PC and this would be my first try doing so. Would this be good for playing overwatch and other high quality games with no lag and high FPS? Switching from XB1. Just wanna have a better experience with gaming.

VeganZombie11 1 point 1 month ago

In the GPU description it says that this can handle most AAA game titles. Overwatch and other recent games should work great on this PC.

nicholas1212 1 point 1 month ago

I am looking for a gaming pc that has a high fps to be able to play GTA 5 with mods, Player Unknowns Battle ground, and maybe colony survival, and some other small pc games. is this pc good enough to support all of those games?

Jeffs_ten_commandments 2 points 1 month ago

For GTA 5 you either go balls to the walls max settings and mods and get 35-40 fps or install not a hole lot of mods and high settings and get around 60 fps.For PUBG,the game is poorly optimized at the moment,but I would also reccomend 16 gb of ram,since benchmarking computers with 16 gb show over 8gb of ram usage and if you also account in the background applications,16 gb is a must.But other than that,I belive you're good to go.

Fabe2020 1 point 1 month ago

Can this play gta v high 45-60, cities skyline, forza?

[comment deleted]
Arch321123 1 point 1 month ago

My PC is running 100% disk, high cpu and sometimes high memory in the task manager window when i play games like Rust. I was wondering what component would be best to reduce this. I am thinking that a better CPU would reduce this but not sure. Here are my Specs; CPU: AMD A8-7650K (Steamroller/Kaveri, KV-A1) 3300 MHz (33.00x100.0) @ 3619 MHz (36.00x100.5) Motherboard: GIGABYTE F2A78M-HD2 Chipset: AMD A78 (Bolton-D3) Memory: 12288 MBytes @ 804 MHz, 11-11-11-28 - 4096 MB PC12800 DDR3 SDRAM - Kingston 9905584-023.A00LF - 8192 MB PC12800 DDR3 SDRAM - Kingston 99U5471-054.A00LF Graphics: ATI/AMD Radeon R7 Series (KAVERI SPECTRE LITE DESKTOP 65W/100W) [GIGABYTE] AMD Radeon R7 Series, 1024 MB SDRAM Graphics: ASUS DUAL GTX 1060 OC 3GB

I have a cheap CPU so would an upgrade to the Ryzen 5 1600 reduce that?

Thanks to anyone who can give me some help

Jeffs_ten_commandments 1 point 1 month ago

-Get a new hard drive or upgrade to an ssd or an m.2 drive -Ryzen cpus are famous for having low usage,so getting one would solve that problem,but first make sure that you get the right motherboard as well as ddr4 ram. -For the ram I didnt understand what you have.If you plan on getting Ryzen get 16gb of ddr4-2800(+) Mhz ram and your head will be calm for a very long period of time. -Make sure that you are running the games that you play with your gtx 1060 and not with the integrated graphics of your cpu.With nvidia gpu you rightclick on the game that you want to play and there should be an option for you to choose with which graphics card to run it.Always choose the gtx 1060.

Arch321123 1 point 1 month ago

Ok thanks

Jj90836 1 point 1 month ago

So I just bought the Corsair Carbide series SPEC-01 case thinking that it was actually the SPEC-m2, will it still work? Does the SPEC 01 work with this build? Thanks

Jeffs_ten_commandments 1 point 1 month ago

I dont there should be any problems,just the building process will be different.

Jj90836 1 point 1 month ago

Another question- Whats the difference between the AB350M-HDV motherboard, the AB350M motherboard, and the AB350M-PRO4 motherboard? Which one would work best with this build or version 10 or 9 of this build? Thank you so much and sorry if these are stupid questions :)

Jeffs_ten_commandments 1 point 1 month ago

It's not a dumb question,but it is non completed.You should also mention the manifacturer because if you dont saying b350 with some numbers and letters doesnt actually give any info,apart from the fact that the motherboard has a b350 chip for amd ryzen processors.I would advise you look up each individual motherboard and see how it performs.The only performance that a motherboard can give you is how cold it is(which allows for more overclocking)so look for features like usb 3.1 which you need.

Jj90836 1 point 1 month ago

Sorry I guess I want clear all three of those motherboards are the ASRock and they all look the same, and they're all called the same thing except for the differences I noted in my comment. I was just wondering how those three motherboards are different, which will preform best, and which is the best one to buy for this build.

Jeffs_ten_commandments 1 point 1 month ago

Again,google each individual motherboard,go to Asrock's website for each and look at the features and pick which one would cover your needs the most.If you don't care about features,you might as well get the cheapest one but if you have no usb 3.0 or 3.1 ports,a crappy slow ethernet and a bad quality of sound don't blame me.

STNLYKM 1 point 1 month ago

Which SSD card would you recommend if I wanted to add one on this build?

Jeffs_ten_commandments 1 point 1 month ago

Get the cheapest one from a reliabld brand with read speeds higher than 499

STNLYKM 3 points 1 month ago

I wasn't able to find "Reliabld" Brand through google. Is this a typo? Thanks in advance.

PocketsMalone 2 points 1 month ago

I believe he meant a "reliable brand".

Jeffs_ten_commandments 2 points 1 month ago

Yes I did.Oopsies :)

Sundown923 1 point 1 month ago

I'm thinking about buying this and to save costs, assemble it myself. Is there a video tutorial of assembling with this particular case? I could probably figure out how to do it by reading the manual but it would be so much easier.

Jeffs_ten_commandments 1 point 1 month ago

Right now in this build is the fractal desing g matx.Because its a fairly new case there shouldnt be too many guides,but look it up on youtube and see what you can find.

Jj90836 1 point 1 month ago

I guess I'm also a bit curious why someone would purchase 2x4GB memory vs. 1x8GB memory. Is it just based on availability and price or is there a different reason?

526christian 2 points 1 month ago

Availability and pricing for 2 x 4GB and 1 x 8GB are generally about the same, but depending where you live and current pricing there, those aspects might favor one or the other. The biggest reason to go with 2 x 4GB is the option of a dual-channel configuration instead of merely single-channel. This can bring potentially sizable benefits in games whenever you are CPU-bound, varying from game-to-game. See here and here.

Jj90836 1 point 1 month ago

Would expanding to 2 x 8GB also give you that same dual- channel configuration as 2 x 4GB?

526christian 1 point 1 month ago

Yes, as long as they're in the correct slots (same goes for 2 x 4GB).

UncleGandhi 1 point 1 month ago

Would I be able to run Overwatch with relatively good settings using this build?

manirelli staff submitter 8 Builds 3 points 1 month ago


Sundown923 1 point 1 month ago

Quick question, I'm upgrading the memory to 'Corsair - Vengeance LPX 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-2400 Memory' and was wondering if I need to buy some more fans? I know it comes with 2 but do I need another one? Also should i get a better cpu cooler or just stick with the stock one?

manirelli staff submitter 8 Builds 1 point 1 month ago

That would be a downgrade for memory. I wouldn't purchase less than DDR4-2800.

Sundown923 1 point 1 month ago

Ah just realised that, will change it to Corsair - Vengeance LPX 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-3000 Memory

Firejax 1 point 14 days ago

The Motherboard says it only supports Memory Type DDR4-2133 / 2400 / 2666 / 2933 / 3200. Wouldn't that be an issue as we're getting 2800 RAM?

ZebedeeZ 1 point 1 month ago

I saw some uncertainty on Amazon about using 3000Mhz ram with this motherboard? As a novice (concerning over clocking) wanting to upgrade to 16gb of RAM should I settle for 2800Mhz ?

Mezduin 1 point 1 month ago

This might be a silly question. Is there a similar or equivalent graphics card that has two DVI ports for monitors? I already have two monitors with DVI connectors, and it looks like this graphics card only has one, but then also HDMI. I'd simply use an adapter, but I'd be concerned about the weight of the cord on such a small port like the HDMI.

manirelli staff submitter 8 Builds 2 points 1 month ago

An adapter will be fine. Very few cards come with dual DVI anymore.

Morningstar1121 1 point 1 month ago

do i need a sound card

manirelli staff submitter 8 Builds 3 points 1 month ago

Nope, all modern motherboards come with built in audio.

IncognitoGamer123 1 point 1 month ago

The 1060 prices are going all over the place xD

manirelli staff submitter 8 Builds 1 point 1 month ago

Yep, unfortunately due to cryptocurrency miners stock and price are wildly fluctuating.

IncognitoGamer123 1 point 1 month ago

I'm currently saving up for a $1000 computer and every day I see new prices for them. I once saw them at $304 so I think I'll buy it once it goes back to that. But then it will just sit in the box while I save up for the rest of the computer. So I'm not sure what I'm gonna do. And if you are wondering the computer I'm gonna get, just look at my Saved Part Lists and there are 2 for Intel and 2 for AMD because I don't know which I want.

charlesdegaulle 1 point 1 month ago

If you plan on building a computer like a few months from now, it's probably safe to just wait. Ethereum mining is already starting to stagnate and lose its value. Eventually, if everything ends out well, GPU prices will go back to normal. I do know though (it's already happening) that most of the miners are just gonna try to sell their cards on eBay because the cards are shot from running at max 24/7. So expect a lot of cards on eBay. Best to steer clear of them, as there's a high chance a GPU there was used for mining, even if it says like new condition. Hope this helped.

IncognitoGamer123 1 point 1 month ago

If I buy anything used it will most likely be ram. But other than that I would rather get new. Thanks for the insight tho :)

Zooch 1 point 1 month ago

Adding an SSD will cause no issues for the PC right?

Also with this card would I be able to run games on high? (I don't care for max settings, as long as it looks good.)

RavioliBoii420 1 point 25 days ago

An additional SSD for your PC will only benefit the PC since its faster than a hard drive and the PC should be able to run just about all games 60+FPS on max except maybe high settings for GTA and Witcher 3.

IncognitoGamer123 1 point 1 month ago

How much research does the staff team do before they update these build guides? In my case, I'm talking about the graphics card.

manirelli staff submitter 8 Builds 1 point 1 month ago

We are always watching the market trends and gpu availability.

IncognitoGamer123 1 point 1 month ago

Are you going for good GPU's or just cheap ones?

manirelli staff submitter 8 Builds 1 point 1 month ago

The GPUs selected are the correct choice for both price and performance at each budget.

IncognitoGamer123 1 point 1 month ago


camrnel 1 point 1 month ago

Any other options other than the GTX 1060? something as good or little better then and rx 580. Even if its little more expensive. Im very new to this and I'm told rx 580 is forsure better then gtx 1060 but can't find one obviously. So if i had to spend a little more that would be fine and would like some recommendations, thanks!

RavioliBoii420 1 point 25 days ago

If you don't mind used products you could probably find a GTX 980 (Between GTX 1060 and GTX 1070 Performance) at a decent price like under 300$ that would be a great alternative.

Shaarkee 1 point 1 month ago

How well could I run Rainbow six seige on this PC?

minimimirazek 1 point 1 month ago

This will be my first PC that I have built. I would like to start streaming games such as Overwatch. What monitor/ dual-monitor would you recommend getting that's good, but can be bought for a cheap price?

jmajeremy 1 point 1 month ago

Pretty good selection. I think I'm going to use this as a starting point for my build, except switch to 16GB of RAM, a hybrid HDD, and pare back the video card to a 3GB GTX 1060.

Retrrro 1 point 1 month ago

I have the same build but insteadd of the CPU in this part list I have a Intel Pentium G4560 3.5GHz Dual-Core Processor. If I were to upgarde my cpu to lets say an i5 or even i7 will my pc then turn into a much much better one?

Capt_Crime 1 point 1 month ago

Is it necessary to install additional coolers/fans? r/pcmasterrace seems to suggest adding one with similar builds, and I don't understand why, especially considering the absence of one here.

CrossMyDNA 1 point 1 month ago

I'm curious why there isn't a cooler/fan listed here. Pretty much every other build guide I've seen includes one.

manirelli staff submitter 8 Builds 1 point 1 month ago

This build uses the stock cooler.

CrossMyDNA 1 point 1 month ago

Ah, missed that in the description. Thanks!

PlatinumCrushed 1 point 29 days ago

will this run Rainbow Six Siege at 1080p 60fps?

bakerbread 1 point 28 days ago


Mooosifer 1 point 28 days ago

Hi im new to building PCs, this will be my first build and i had a few questions.

Is the CPU for this build good for video editing and rendering videos? Can i get 16gb of ram and still have it perform properly? How high of graphics can i run? Currently my PC cant play Dishonoured 2 at low, how would this handle it? Do i need an optical drive? And if i get one would it work with this build?

Thank you very much! Hope to hear back

RavioliBoii420 1 point 25 days ago

The CPU is great for video editing and rendering. This PC should be able to handle just about all games max settings 60+FPS except it for games like GTA and Witcher 3 you may need to turn down the settings to high.

charlesdegaulle 1 point 28 days ago

I noticed that you said that the CPU is capable of moderate overclocking, would that only be like 200 or 300 MHz?

philOptiplex 1 point 7 days ago

The R5 1600 can often reach 3.9-4GHz with adequate cooling and has been known to reach 3.85 on the stock cooler. Pretty amazing, right!

66Gramms 1 point 27 days ago

Hi! So i'm quite noob with hardwares and I want to ask if is it possible to stream with this config properly? I would like to stream coding (i guess that's not going to be a problem :D ) and gaming. Can I stream like GTA V and other games, even with higher requirements on at least medium-high graphics? Also can it run every game with 30fps at least on the lowest settings at the momment? And if it can, how long this PC will be usable for gaming ( I mean how many years so games come out that this machine couldn't run ) Thanks for the answers in advance :)

RavioliBoii420 2 points 25 days ago

The Ryzen 5 1600 is a fantastic CPU for streaming. As for performance, at 1080p it should be able to handle all games max settings at 60+ FPS but you may need to put GTA V at high settings to achieve 60 FPS.

66Gramms 1 point 12 days ago

Thank you! :)

Morningstar1121 1 point 25 days ago

do i need a wireless network adapter

leoladoudou 2 Builds 1 point 20 days ago

Yup, the motherboard does not include one.

Imber_Limerence 1 point 23 days ago

How well would 16 GB of RAM work with this build? I'm very new to all of this and don't want to put the computer under too much stress.

leoladoudou 2 Builds 1 point 20 days ago

More ram does not stress the build, don't worry haha, you could even put 128gb of ram if you wish (maybe not with this motherboard). However, are you sure you really need those 16gb of ram? I you do, go for it!

Imber_Limerence 1 point 16 days ago

What motherboard would you suggest? How does a motherboard affect performance? I'm going to be using this computer for Fallout 4 and Battlefield 1, and I'm unsure if 8GB is enough RAM.

leoladoudou 2 Builds 1 point 15 days ago

The mobo itself does not affect performance, but the features of the mobo can improve the perf : overclocking the CPU or the RAM, etc. If you cam afford the 16gb ram, go for it. I think Battle Field 1 can be ram hungry. Also, be sure to take 2800 or 3000 Mhz ram with a ryzen cpu. The mobo in the part list is good enough.

Imber_Limerence 1 point 15 days ago

Ok, Thank you so much

oakentheking 1 point 23 days ago

How is this computer noise wise?

cduble 1 point 22 days ago

Can you please look at my build and tell me how i should change it https://pcpartpicker.com/list/FvQNhq

leoladoudou 2 Builds 1 point 20 days ago

I don't think you really need a cpu cooler since the one included with AMD cpu is good enough except if you want to overclock a lot. Also for what are you planning to use this pc?

cduble 1 point 18 days ago

oh ok thanks i just put that there because i didn't know if the Ryzen 5 came with its own cpu cooler, i want to use the computer for lite gaming and school work.

leoladoudou 2 Builds 1 point 18 days ago

You can remove the thermal paste as well. If you want a responsive and fast pc, you could add a 120gb SSD for some more $. No problems for school nor for gaming. You'll be able to acheive 60fps in medium to high settings on new games in 1080p.

cduble 1 point 17 days ago

thanks for the help :)

SushiSmasher 1 point 22 days ago

i have the dell u3011 30" 2560 x 1600 resolution. will this build be able to run the pixels?

william___t 1 point 21 days ago

I like to edit videos as well as play games. Would this cover both and make rendering times decently fast? Or should I add an SSD?

leoladoudou 2 Builds 1 point 19 days ago

Adding an SSD is a must if you can afford one

GardenSalad 1 point 21 days ago

Can i replace the 2tb HDD with a 1tb HDD and an SSD? if so how big should the SSD be?

leoladoudou 2 Builds 1 point 20 days ago

You can replace it with an SSD of any capacity you want : 240gb, 500gb... In fact, it depends more on the money you have : SSD cost much more than HDD :)

Outerspacefunk 1 point 21 days ago

I'm trying to find a video editing pc would this work with 1080p video?

leoladoudou 2 Builds 1 point 19 days ago


2ndtry 1 point 20 days ago

So, I like this build however I live in an R.V. full time because I travel for work so much and stay in R.V. parks in whatever city I end up in. That being said, I would like to use windows 8.1 as my o.s. because I don't like windows 10; and I'd like to know if the following wifi card would work. I realize that wifi and gaming shouldn't be spoken in the same sentence, but in my case it needs to be. https://pcpartpicker.com/product/vwcMnQ/asus-pce-ac88-none-wi-fi-adapter-pce-ac88

philOptiplex 1 point 7 days ago

I'm not sure whether the Wifi Adapter would be compatible with windows 8.1, but bear in mind that Windows 8.1 is not supported on Kaby Lake/Ryzen CPUs. If you choose 8.1 over Win10, your results may vary as this video shows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yXD8BpJMsI

Benson071412 1 point 18 days ago

want to go with Ryzen 5 1600x any recommendations for a cpu cooler to buy with it.

x248 1 point 16 days ago

I'm a new builder, so I hope these aren't dumb questions. This looks like high value build with components that aren't the absolute newest. The total cost of the build will need to include a network card, a display, an operating system, and a keyboard, right? Anything else?

(I've seen a couple build videos, and they're super helpful. Is there a video that talks about how to start from scratch and go all the way to a working computer? I'm not completely sure how to install an operating system after getting it built.)

Is there anything I won't be able to do using a 6 GB video card instead of 8 GB?

How big a deal is getting the HDD instead of a SSD like the more expensive builds have?

How big a deal is only having 8 GB of RAM rather than 16 GB?

If you had to improve one of these, which would you do first? 8 GB video card? SSD? 16 GB memory?


Randompcguy11 1 point 6 days ago

So i am sorry if i get anything wrong. I am relatively new to the scene as well. 1st of all, yes it will need to include things such as a mouse, keyboard, and monitor. If you do not want wireless wifi, no need to add a network card. I am pretty sure that there is somewhere you can plug an ethernet cable into it. 2nd: there are a few good videos on youtube i believe. If you want the most reliable sources, look for someone with a lot of subs. 3rd: 6gb of vram is quite enough i believe. 8gb of vram doesnt make a huge difference, and wont for a while. Maybe some really high end work(not gaming at all) would be affected by it. I dont think the average consumer should worry about it currently. 4th: i have no personal experience with it, but from what i have seen, an ssd is great, but not necessary. It makes everything smoother, and 240gb ones are only around 80$. Okay to throw on top of all of it. 5th: 8gb of ram should be enough for most games. I have seen that battlefield 1 and Player Unknown Battlegrounds need more, but for other games and other light uses it is fine. Only get 16gbs if you are doing video editing.

Finally, if i had to improve one, i would first of all, throw in an ssd, and order it from the start so you can install windows on it. Second, i would buy another set of 2x4gb ram sticks, or upgrade the current 2x4 ones to 2x8. I believe in a few years 8gb will be not enough. Finally, after that maybe upgrade gpu to something like a 1070, or wait for amds rx vega cards. But if you are okay with longer waits for loading games and windows, and are okay with turning down a few settings in the future, then only 16gbs of ram is really that important. And right now, it isnt really. Hope i helped, and dont take my word as fact. Im not an expert.

The_M26_Pershing 1 point 2 days ago

SSD help you a lot, so it wouldn't be bad getting an SSD and a hardrive, this is a budget build so going for a 1070 isn't going to be very helpful, like 100-200$ more and a no no on vega card. 16gb of ram is useful for games like battlefield 1 but if you don't plan on having games like that then just get 8gb.

andrewporter2006 1 point 16 days ago

I would downgrade to ryzen 3 and upgrade mother bourd

amightybunny 1 point 15 days ago


would this be good enough to play gta 5 with mods,pubg,and arma 3

Firejax 1 point 15 days ago

I'm considering replacing the GTX 1080 with an AMD RX 580. The website says there are no compatibility issues. Would this work?

manirelli staff submitter 8 Builds 2 points 15 days ago

You would take a fairly large performance loss but it should work.

lukeanniss 1 point 15 days ago

Do I have to worry about overheating? Will i need to consider buying additional ways of cooling with this build or is whats included sufficient?

Bencastelsky 1 point 15 days ago

Would upgrading the memory to 16Gb be worth it for this? First time building one and just trying to get the lay of the land.

kirbybobs 1 point 15 days ago

Would the upgrade to 16gb benefit me much on this build ?

CalFariC 2 points 14 days ago

I would think so. A lot of AAA games nowadays will make use of 16GB of RAM, but RAM is just one of these things that you can easily upgrade in the future. If you wanna save some money on the initial purchase, stick with 8GB, but it's not too expensive to buy another 8GB stick in the future! :P

BurntChurro 1 point 13 days ago

how would this rig play on PUBG

Moose123 1 point 10 days ago

Ultra at 55-70 fps but you don't need to go any higher than high settings which will easily almost always be above 60fps but I would reccommend going with 16gb of ram

BurntChurro 1 point 13 days ago

do the case fans have lights

BurntChurro 1 point 13 days ago

last question. would this computer have any problems with video editing and photoshop

BuddaJunkie 1 point 12 days ago

Does anyone know any mainstream games this PC can run at high settings at 60 fps or over such as Pubg?

MUNKYHEAD 1 point 12 days ago

Would this be able to run dayz standalone?

jonathanarico 1 point 9 days ago

seans computer 2

thegreathulian 1 point 9 days ago

Is this good for 4K editing

iv5d 1 point 8 days ago

Unable to verify the AMD - Ryzen 5 1600 3.2GHz 6-Core Processor included cooler and the Fractal Design - Focus G Mini (Black) MicroATX Mini Tower Case are compatible.

im just seeing this after ordering all the parts T_T. Can anyone tell me if this is real? will i not be able to fit in my cpu inside the case? if not can someone link me one thatll fit in for my parts. thanks

manirelli staff submitter 8 Builds 1 point 8 days ago

They are compatible. We are adding CPU cooler height for stock coolers and there are some quirks.

iv5d 1 point 8 days ago

thank you for the really fast replay. so i dont have to worry about the warning? or do i have to get something extra ( coolers)

2 more questions if u dont mind. i ordered exactly whats here. is there anything else i need to buy extra to get my pc running other than the OS.

will this also be able to run all the new MMOS thats coming out? thank you very much.

iv5d 1 point 8 days ago

Do i need a network card too?

azekthi 1 point 8 days ago

The motherboard included in this part list comes with onboard Ethernet. If you want wireless connectivity, you'll need to purchase a wireless network card.

iv5d 1 point 8 days ago

oh thanks for the replay. do you know if theres any guide out there on youtube? first time building and im lowkey scared. i hope this computer can run most of the mmos too lmao.

azekthi 1 point 8 days ago

I don't know, I'm new to building just like you. I'm hoping to make this my first build but I won't be able to for a while, income isn't in my favor atm.

iv5d 1 point 8 days ago

Does anyone know if i have to add additional thermal paste? the cpu seems to come with it

Hawkawk 1 point 8 days ago

Do i need an optic drive to install an operating system with this build?

philOptiplex 1 point 7 days ago

No, it is possible and easy, provided you have access to another computer to load the iso onto a USB Thumb Drive

Sensizzle 1 point 8 days ago

Would this be a good build to run pubg?

Byron550 1 point 6 days ago

From what I have heard, 16gb RAM is recommended for PUBG.

RoboBeaver 1 point 8 days ago

Would i need to buy extra things,such as thermal paste or more wires or do i just need the things listed?

iv5d 1 point 7 days ago

I NEED TO KNOW THE SAME. Please answer this someone!!!!

philOptiplex 1 point 7 days ago

If you are using the stock cooler then Thermal Paste will be pre-applied. As for wires and cables and also screws, they should be included with your motherboard/case.

elvisrosa 1 point 6 days ago

Hi, is this good for someone who would like to develop games, do some video editing, and some graphic designing? Would it also run modern game titles on good fps? I am currently new to PCs and have no knowledge(very less), and am deciding which budget I should go for as I only have $1000 but need 2x monitor, mouse, headset, keyboard, and some equipment to building the PC. I would appreciate the help, thanks!

Randompcguy11 1 point 6 days ago

Hmm...i think it would be okay. If you only have 1000$ to get 2 monitors thatd cut it a bit close, and you definitely would have to get 1080p 60hz. For video editing id say get 16gb of ram. Other than that itll do whatever you want it to, it will run modern games at 60fps pretty easily on ultra or high. I bet you would have an easier time with a budget of 1200$. A decent mechanical keyboard is 70-80$, a good mouse is 50$. Headsets can be 40-50$. This build is around 760$, plus an extra 50-60$ for 16gb of ram. Plus two monitors, around 100-120$ each, or 200-240 total. So the overall cost would be 1200. If you really dont care about peripherals, you can get a cheap mouse and keyboard and headset, which would reduce the cost by 70-80$. Or you could get a gtx 1050ti, which as of now would be maybe 150$ less? It can still do 60fps pretty well.

In conclusion, if you are set on staying near the 1000$ mark, get a 1050ti. There arent too many compromises. Or you could try getting 8gb of ram now, and upgrading it soon after. Hope i helped.

elvisrosa 1 point 5 days ago

Thank you!

Coolfire74 1 point 5 days ago

Is it worth adding an SSD to a build like this?

Average_Gaymer 1 point 4 days ago

Is there a reason there's no CPU cooler paired with this suggested build?

XenoCargo 1 point 1 day ago

Any compatible and good looking cases that would ship?

STNLYKM 1 point 22 hours ago

Can anyone recommend a SSD I can put into this build?

SubsidingAndo 1 point 7 hours ago

Hi, I have purchased all the parts from this list and am waiting for them to arrive, however the motherboard has arrived and I have been reading through the manual. Is this build complete? Or should I purchase fans to cool the pc, or is it complete the way the above shows? Thanks!

nebbie7712 1 point 6 hours ago

can this run vr ?

The_M26_Pershing 0 points 2 days ago

so what is this pc going to be used for is my question, you would probably save some more money just getting a I5-7500, and probably get a 750 watt, and I don't see why you need 2 TB of space.

It's not bad, but it could use changes, gaming combos are really good with I5 and the 10 series from what I've heard.

XenoCargo 1 point 1 day ago

If you are really a game junkie, it would make sense to have around 2 TB of space. Games nowadays are around 80 GB (a lot) so that could hold around 25 AAA titles (and maybe a few indies).

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manirelli staff submitter 8 Builds 3 points 1 month ago

Please keep feedback polite and constructive.

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Note: Wattages are estimates only. Actual power draw may differ from listed values.
Component Estimated Wattage
AMD - Ryzen 5 1600 3.2GHz 6-Core Processor 8W - 65W
ASRock - AB350M Micro ATX AM4 Motherboard 15W - 60W
G.Skill - Ripjaws V Series 8GB (1 x 8GB) DDR4-2800 Memory 6W - 6W
Hitachi - Ultrastar 7K3000 2TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive 4W - 20W
Asus - GeForce GTX 1060 6GB 6GB Turbo Video Card 30W - 120W
Total: 63W - 271W