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Power Supply

EVGA - 850 W 80+ Bronze Certified Semi-Modular ATX Power Supply

( 4.7 Average / 11 Ratings )





SuperNOVA 850

Part #





850 W



Efficiency Certification

80+ Bronze


Bronze Rated - 85% Typical


+3.3V@24A, +5V@24A, +12V@70A, +5VSB@3.0A, -12V@0.5A

PCI-Express 6+2-Pin Connectors


PCI-Express 6-Pin Connectors


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giftedpenguin 70 points 44 months ago
from completed build Black Rose

Supplies plenty of power for my build, and the cable design and braiding is very nice.

born_flyer 11 points 43 months ago
from completed build Dark Knight


iLikePieTM 36 points 43 months ago

The best 850W PSU for the price. Works great.

bubba969 12 points 39 months ago
from completed build My first pc

Nice power supply and does its job. It has all the necessary cords attached to the power supply already but it has other connectors for more if necessary. I overall like the power supply and went a little overboard and could've used a 750. It makes very little noise and i can not hear it.

CoolPCBuilds 3 points 38 months ago
from completed build The PC Build Project

Solid power supply. Has all the connectors you'd need, but the main ATX power connector had given me some issues when connecting it, but I've fixed that issue.

HitmanHart 11 points 36 months ago
from completed build The Kraken - March 2016

Very solid power supply. The semi-modular cables were easy to install and use, were nice and long, and it came with plenty of cables...more than enough for what I needed in my build.

shadowcrafter01 15 points 36 months ago
from completed build Mr. Fusion

pros: perfect on arrival, nice simi-modular design, 850w so plenty of room for upgrades. fixed the issue i had where my pc would randomly freeze up due to insufficient wattage

cons: doesnt have a flux capacitor. (saw someone say that somewhere, had to do it too :P)

gorkti200 25 points 35 months ago
from completed build 1151 "Rey"

This PSU is at a great price point for the provided wattage. You can Crossfire or SLI with this no problem, and it's efficient without getting into the excessively overpriced efficiency ranges. Semi-modular PSUs rock.

MasterBeef 15 points 30 months ago
from completed build My Rig

It's a great PSU when you're on a budget. I wish I got a fully modular PSU though.

Maddogboss 6 points 26 months ago
from completed build Fury

Needed a new PSU for the hunger of the Fury, this one seemed to have enough head room for overclocking both that and the i7. Semi modular means no unnecessary cables which in the Challenger and the Z170-E's funky lay out was very welcomed.