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Video Card

MSI - GeForce GTX 1080 8 GB DUKE OC Video Card

( 4.7 Average / 15 Ratings )




Part #



Black / Beige


PCI-Express x16


GeForce GTX 1080

Memory Size

8 GB

Memory Type


Core Clock

1.708 GHz

Boost Clock

1.847 GHz


180 W



SLI Support


CrossFire Support



312 mm / 12.283 "

Supports G-Sync


DVI-D Dual-Link






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Mac2pro 10 points 23 months ago
from completed build Volcanion

Wow, that's all I can say about this card from MSI. Not only is it currently one of the cheaper cards on the 1080 market this one is simply MASSIVE. Measuring at around 312mm in length and 140mm tall this thing is a beast. The Duke nomenclature is definitely something that has been discussed before when it comes to the aesthetics of the card, but I honestly don't mind it.

Overall I'm extremely pleased with this card, it has a backplate, RGB on the Duke logo, and great cooling. For those looking for a white and black themed card this should be at the top of your list.

boleywv 15 points 21 months ago
from completed build Will it fit

I chose thing thing mainly based upon low price and good reviews. At the time of purchase it has 5 stars on Newegg and was under $500. Actually due to a sale at the time it was the cheapest 1080 available.

As all the reviews point out - this thing is HUGE. It measures 312 mm long, has 3 fans, and giant built in cooling. Triple check it will fit in your case. It does fit in a Fractal Define Mini C, with fans, but just barely.

NeonJaguars 26 points 20 months ago
from completed build Outrun Build - Updated

This thing is HUGE, like as big as my forearm. Plays all games at max 1440p usually around 100fps. Make sure your case is big enough for this GPU.

Derekjames88 6 points 18 months ago

NOOB So when I install this card I know 1080p won't even touch test it really. So far however duel screen set up monitor at 24 and tv 42. Kills it all DOOM, MORDOR, SKYRIM(modded), GTAV(modded) all max settings, or modded. MSI after burner shows idle at 35c and I've only seen it hit 65c so far with so benchmarking light benching still learning. Large card needs large case round up with cover about 13in length. Turned my fans up to 100% quiet everything. My room fan overtakes my computer fans. 489.99 at Newegg during/right before miners rage. MSI didn't give me any stickers with any of my content which they should of cause man did they win big. 1year later kills everything still running 1080 monitor but a 2k tv. In love.

deathchace572 10 points 16 months ago
from completed build Templar's Guild

Absolutely amazing!

PhantomFire01 11 points 15 months ago
from completed build The Red Phantom

Good cooling but nothing to great. Not too loud. RGB is just disappointing, but I got this for cheap so I didn't care about the RGB. Also overclocking is done out of the box, so no need to manually do it ( I did try but was only able to get about +50MHz )

Cman1176 6 points 15 months ago
from completed build Artic Infinity v1

amazing card!! Great Price!! i was able to over clock the core +120 and the memory +820, the fan has a custom curve but is never audible.

blaxebane 2 points 14 months ago
from completed build Heavy Silent & Grey

This is an amazing card. I have not overclocked it, but I can get Overwatch on 144hz on 1080p easy. Most of the time the fan's aren't spinning because I am not pushing it enough. If it's loud with the fans, I'll update this review.

PizzaDo 6 points 14 months ago
from completed build DEMOLISHER PC

This card frequently goes out of stock on Newegg for good reason. It's a beast of a card that is considerably cheaper than most other models while still offering good quality overall. Way overkill for 1080p60, perfect for 1440p, and decent for 4K. As long as you have a case that's big enough to fit this beast (312 mm in length) then you're good to go. It just about fits in my Nano S.

jackson.lieber 9 points 13 months ago
from completed build Ryzen 5 Dream

This card looks sick and performs amazingly. This was the CHEAPEST GTX 1080 I could find, and that's why it's constantly out of stock; it looks great, performs great, and is very cheap. I originally didn't realize it had a factory overclock and only 3 heatpipes, so the temps were somewhat scary to me out of the box. After setting a custom fan curve in MSI Afterburner, the card runs at 27 degrees idle and always under 70 degrees while gaming. It's also a very quiet card. Just keep in mind that custom fan curves are recommended because it has 3 heatpipes rather than 6. But it slaughters any game in 1080p on maxed settings. The backplate looks hella good as well as the cooler itself. The RGB lighting kinda sucks because I can't figure out how to change the colors, but at least it stays white all the time to match the rest of the black and white theme of the card and backplate