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Asus - ROG Claymore Wired Gaming Keyboard

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ROG Claymore

Part #

(or) 90MP00E0-B0EA00



Design Style








Switch Type

Cherry MX Red

Includes Mouse


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xlegendof 260 points 21 months ago

This keyboard (not the Claymore Core version which doesn't come with the number pad) was extremely hard to find. I was EXTREMELY lucky enough to buy one used but still in good condition off of Ebay for $200, which is a really good deal considering it retails for $269 if available at all. It has Cherry MX Red switches, which are my overall preferred switch. I got this of course for the detachable number pad, which is something I had always wished for on a full keyboard. I remove it for gaming as it gives me extra space to move my mouse around which has low sensitivity and I put it back on when I'm not gaming for the convenience of the numpad!

plane-arium 32 points 16 months ago
from completed build Atmosphere

Stunning. The sturdy body, the Cherry Mx Red key switches, the aluminum "aztec" finishing, the outstanding macro options, the braided nylon cord, the swappable numpad that even has a volume wheel, it checks all the right boxes.

DeadDrop 8 points 15 months ago
from completed build ASUS ROG Build First Timer

Great, smaller than i thought it be, but that is a plus. Never knew what i was missing out on, got the kool look, keystroke sound, and size.

Cappycot 21 points 18 days ago
from completed build Cygnet

The perfect size - no space wasted on this keyboard. The detachable numpad is great. You can even move the numpad to the left side if that's your thing. The volume slider is a nice addition to the numpad as well.

Be warned that on some RGB configurations when not using the ROG Armoury program, the num lock, caps lock, and scroll lock will not light up when active. There's no other indication that any of the three lock keys are active except for when the light directly on the key glows white.