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Intel - Core i5-4670K 3.4GHz Quad-Core Processor

( 4.8 Average / 542 Ratings )





Core i5-4670K

Part #


Data Width




Operating Frequency




L1 Cache

4 x 32KB Instruction
4 x 32KB Data

L2 Cache

4 x 256KB

L3 Cache

1 x 6MB


22 nm

Thermal Design Power

84 Watts

Includes CPU Cooler


Simultaneous Multithreading


Integrated Graphics

Intel HD Graphics 4600

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b1aze 8 points 44 months ago

I ended up getting a slightly better-than-average chip and it overclocks really easily. With a little extra voltage, i was able to get a pretty stable 4.6 GHZ @ 1.36V but saw spikes of 92+C under AIDA64 loads.

Dubesta11 48 points 44 months ago
from completed build The Global Offensive

I bought this because I wanted a system that could handle games for the next few years without a problem, and this has only been good since purchasing. It overclocks decently (i5-4690k's overclock better) and runs cool.

TaylorPope 15 points 44 months ago
from completed build Storm Stryker Gaming Build

Great bang for your buck if you want to do PC gaming. Seems to handle everything thrown in its way, although I haven't attempted a lot of demanding programs at the same time yet.

wanderingmatt 5 points 44 months ago
from completed build Wandering Whisperer

Upgraded to Haswell at the last minute to squeeze a little more life into my build and because holiday sales at the time made the extra price negligible. Went i5 because I don't plan on doing anything but gaming on this machine. Might overclock a bit, might not – grabbed a K model just in case. Works perfectly. No complaints.

iNonEntity 18 points 44 months ago
from completed build NeoBlue

I've actually never seen it at 100% usage yet, other than in stress testing. It renders quickly and all my programs are quick and responsive. I'm a bit squeamish at the idea of overclocking, so I don't know much about overclocking reliability, but OCGenie automatically set mine to 4GHz no problemo. I usually idle at 1-3% usage and it never goes over 60 or so degrees with my plain fan cooler. No problems with it at all

MACgh 38 points 43 months ago
from completed build Gigan (first build)

Best bang for your buck at the time. I am only able to overclock to 4.3ghz sadly. I guess I just got a bad luck of the draw. (4.5ghz is the average) At 4.3ghz I get the same single thread speed as a stock 4790k. No problems, I recommend!

Mattnub 6 points 39 months ago
from completed build My Second Rig

Hasn't given me any problems and has been going strong for 2 years. Worked right out of the box with 0 hassle.

blakslee720 10 points 39 months ago
from completed build First gaming build (update)

Got this chip used on amazon purely because I couldn't pass up the price. Unfortunately I have yet to dial in a solid overclock on it (due to lack of time and experience). After installing the h100i, I ran OCCT for about 1.5 hours and temps peaked at 85 (1.248v @ 4.6ghz). Which I'm pretty happy with since with a hyper 212 evo at the same volts/speed, the temps went up to 95 the second I hit "start"

PlayingPoise 6 points 37 months ago

Seriously, all you need in terms of a processor if you're gonna be strictly gaming; i7 is super overkill. 4690k holds up better, naturally, but for when I got it it was a great Haswell processor. Obviously outdated as hell now, but it won't be bottlenecking me for a few years I'd say.

matambanadzo 4 points 37 months ago
from completed build Custom Gaming MITX Build 2014

Nothing to complain about. Overclocks superbly especially with the MSI motherboards Tuning utility.