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AMD - Athlon X4 860K 3.7GHz Quad-Core Processor

( 4.9 Average / 9 Ratings )





Athlon X4 860k with Quiet Cooler

Part #


Data Width




Operating Frequency


Max Turbo Frequency




L1 Cache

2 x 96KB Instruction
4 x 16KB Data

L2 Cache

2 x 2MB

L3 Cache



28 nm

Thermal Design Power

95 Watts

Includes CPU Cooler


Simultaneous Multithreading


Integrated Graphics


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Merchant Base Promo Shipping Tax Availability Total
Directron $79.99 Out of stock $79.99+
OutletPC $149.98 $149.98+
Newegg Marketplace $188.99 +FREE s/h $188.99

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Pawacorn 10 points 10 months ago
from completed build Spare Parts Build

Good multi-core performance for my uses. Works good with DDR3-2400. The stock cooler isn't very good at keeping the X4 860K cool though, unless you run the stock cooler fan at full speed.

cmanAC130 21 points 7 months ago
from completed build The Ultra-Budget Rig

Cheap, gets the job done.

LabtecLCS 3 points 6 months ago
from completed build First Build!

For $50, it works fairly well. Cooler is weird looking and a bit noisy, but it works. Definitely a good upgrade for older FM2/FM2+ computers. If you're planning on building a new PC, however, it's probably a good idea to look at something newer.

Reichertg13 16 points 6 months ago
from completed build Lil Bro's Bday Build

4 cores @ 3.7GHz at a decent price. What more do you want?

VinnyPlaysGames 3 points 6 months ago
from completed build First rig

Powerful cpu. i got it to 4.1 on a hyper t2. Not good to buy new in 2017. just get a x4 950 if you want something cheap.

NEXUS_TITAN 1 point 4 months ago
from completed build NexusXHecate

This is an amazing cpu! I paid only £45 for mine and for the price it was the best thing I could find at the time new. This cpu has served me well over these 4 years and have never once had an issue with it, this cpu is also great for overclocking as I have been running mine at 4.6Ghz for these past 3 years and it is still alive and kicking. Although sad to admit, this processor is starting to fall behind in games but this cpu still good enough to play games like the witcher 3 and fallout 4 (to name a few)

M0R3LL4M4X 7 points 1 month ago

This socket is nearly five years old. If you're buying brand-new in 2018, for the love of god pick something newer. However, if you can get this thing used for around $45, it holds up remarkably well, but I'd still recommend (if you're dead-set for whatever reason on this particular chipset) that you bite the extra couple bucks and grab an 880K instead, which supposedly meets the minimum spec for VR gameplay, but this thing will still do you quite a bit of good in a budget gaming PC.