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Samsung - 970 Evo 1 TB M.2-2280 Solid State Drive

( 4.9 Average / 32 Ratings )




Part #

(or) MZ-V7E1T0B/AM




1 TB


M.2 (M)


1 GB

Form Factor






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Samsung $299.99 $299.99+

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Keatononame 13 points 9 months ago
from completed build Z370 Done Right

Moderate improvement over the already legendary 960, having one 960 already and having run out of space quickly, I jumped on this one seeing as it costed less and has greater performance. Did some file transfers from the original 960, clocked sustained speeds in excess of 1Gbps.

Jdashnine 15 points 9 months ago

I haven't bought a new SSD in ages, and certainly not any M.2. Wow, this is FAST. Installed directly on the motherboard with such ease that I thought I must have missed a step or two. Not sure my computer could access data any faster.

Knocked a star for Samsung's terrible customer service after the sale. Bought the SSD on promo and still haven't received the promo item nearly 2 months later. Multiple customer service calls have not helped.

Bottom line- the drive is great; Samsung customer service, not so much.

Itasha 29 points 6 months ago
from completed build RTX 2080 Compressed Mini ITX

Much fast, such speed, very storage. I am indeed very impressed with this SSD, I feel like I am doing everything at the speed of light.

bboyd 6 points 6 months ago
from completed build My Aorus

Expensive but super fast.

johncolby 28 points 5 months ago
from completed build Neuroimaging deep learning rig


Glowey 3 points 5 months ago

Great option for storage - worth the extra money for the performance you get over SATA

mack_au 15 points 5 months ago
from completed build U-P-G-R-A-Y-E-D-D

Super quick, with the PRO series these two combine to be the best consumer SSDs on the market.

qmpel 9 points 5 months ago
from completed build clean&silent workhorse

Lightning fast storage. Boot to windows login (including bios post screen) is about 10 seconds. Provides low latencies for really fast program load times.

nahnahgames 16 points 4 months ago
from completed build Crystal Clear-Threadripper 2950X

Superb performance, and thermals seem to be just fine so far.

MathewJLOneT 17 points 4 months ago

Blisteringly fast.

Saves clunky oversized 3D models in seconds. Was a bit of a pain to set up(Had to use AOMEI Partition assistant FREE to extend storage into the 630gb unallocated space leftover after copying my 350 gb worth of OS/C: drive from a previous build) but afterwards it runs incredibly smooth.

Highly recommended. its incredible that a stick of gum sized drive can hold so much and read/write so fast.

Update: after using for a while and running a few games off of the drive, i can happily exclaim that i no longer am subjected to loading screens. They just come and go too quickly!