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Cougar - 700M Wired Laser Mouse

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maxence822 17 points 48 months ago
from completed build AMD FX 9590 gaming build

Wow!!!! Amazing mouse, looks good, well placed buttons, enough buttons to be useful in every game but not too many that it becomes a pain to deal with. Its heavy and feels really sturdy. It is like mad catz in looks and like Razer or Corsair in build quality. Defintiely recommended.

Alanos_Bandanos 8 points 30 months ago

Before I stumbled like a drunk into a coffee table in a dark room onto a YouTube video review of this mouse I had no idea Cougar even existed or that they made such quality gaming peripherals.

This is a high quality mouse but you'd never know it existed given the amount of Corsair and Logitech fetishists that are out there. Which is a shame, because this beats the *** off pretty much everything else at the £45-50 price point.

The mouse itself has an aluminium frame which makes it feel very sturdy indeed. It has enough buttons to be of use to any normal gamer (MOBA/MMO player excluded) while not so many that it gets annoying. The software suite used to program it is easy to use and unitive.

It comes with 4 removable weighs so you can fine tune your specific mass I suppose and two palm rests which mount on a small subframe which can be inclined or reclined at one's leisure for a better fit.

Three DPI settings at the touch of a button from grandma walking up the stairs to 720 no-scope on coke, these can also be tuned to specific DPI in the software.

The mouse comes in various designs if you shop around and has a single RGB light in the front for a bit of style. Overall, top mouse. Excellently made, great software, very competitive pricing. Take that Corsair!