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Asus - H97-PLUS ATX LGA1150 Motherboard

( 4.0 Average / 10 Ratings )




Part #



Black / Gold

Form Factor


CPU Socket



Intel H97

Memory Slots

4 x 240-pin DIMM

Memory Type

DDR3-1066 / 1333 / 1600

Maximum Supported Memory


RAID Support


Onboard Video

Depends on CPU

CrossFire Support


SLI Support


SATA 6 Gb/s


Onboard Ethernet

1 x 10/100/1000 Mbps

Onboard USB 3.0 Header(s)


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shadydeath999 14 points 31 months ago
from completed build Project Rara - First Build

One of the best H97 motherboards out there. I love ASUS motherboards, they totally have the best motherboard designs out there.

deoleedens 8 points 28 months ago
from completed build My First Custom Pc

Just a standard ATX motherboard. Cheap, but it got just what I need :).

dasangrypanda 17 points 27 months ago
from completed build Build For A Friend


Looks nice in person (photos had me thinking it was not very pretty), good fan header placement, good spacing on the PCI slots, great price, great ASUS UEFI.


You get what you pay for, the included IO shield is TERRIBLE aesthetically and functionally, there are A LOT of sharp metal bits that protrude quite a ways on the back. I understand this is a motherboard and it's going to have some sharp metal bits like all motherboards but damn. The PCI slots are poorly reinforced/anchored to the board, as is the heatsink near the processor. Front panel connectors are strangely arranged.

TxcGrimace0794 1 point 22 months ago
from completed build The Middle-Class Budget Builder

Lemme just get this outta the way; THE IO SHIELD IS THE MOST GIMPIEST AND MOST FRUSTRATING THING TO LOOK AT! I mean, everything else is fine, but my god, the plate is just cringe worthy! Never have I thought PC building would hurt me mentally and PHYSICALLY! The f%$#ing thing sliced my finger for f%$#'s sake! Almost blinded me when I was clipping the tabs off the little $#it. Could they at least make it look appealing? No. I can safely take off the bloody thing, go to a recycling plant, and the guy would say, "Ay kid, thanks for ye bloody contribution to this dying earth. Here is nickel. Go buy some candy or $#it. I don't give a damn anymore...", because it really looks that plain. No paint. Just plate with minute engravings. But overall, solid MOBO with all the features it comes with. Just, mind the shield... nobody ever expects the shield...

crb 3 points 21 months ago
from completed build Meet Frank

No problems with this. Runs nicely, and really love the UEFI BIOS.

This was my first time using it and you'd have to be a complete moron to screw anything up. It's very straight forward compared to the traditional BIOS.