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Video Card

Asus - Radeon RX 470 4 GB STRIX Video Card

( 4.2 Average / 14 Ratings )




Part #





PCI-Express x16


Radeon RX 470

Memory Size

4 GB

Memory Type


Core Clock

926 MHz

Boost Clock

1.27 GHz


120 W



SLI Support


CrossFire Support

4-way CrossFire


242 mm / 9.528"

Supports Freesync


DVI-D Dual-Link






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DaRoastFTW 16 points 32 months ago
from completed build Blood in Blue

Not the best rx 470, but it is a good card that can be found in stock

MattyParker1994 14 points 28 months ago

I'll update this review when I've used it for a bit longer.

This card is a boss; quiet, settings are easily customizable and it can run anything 1080p high with no trouble what so ever. I got it for about £180 (December 2016) at Maplin with student discount so I think I got a good deal. Not the cheapest 470's but I think the added performance/ quietness at idol makes up for it with the STRIX cards.

Weil 15 points 26 months ago
from completed build Weil's PCs

Bad software optimization. Runs way too hot and loud. Overclocking is a nightmare. Disassembly was easy though

bohemond1980 19 points 26 months ago

Looks great and performs acceptably @1080p medium to high settings.

mew16 2 points 25 months ago
from completed build first build / budget gaming pc

best gpu for under $200

cpiethan 6 points 24 months ago
from completed build When Worlds Collide

Great graphics card for 1080p high settings.

noseguard13 20 points 24 months ago
from completed build First Gaming Build

Best bang for buck card ever. I can max out almost any games in 1080p 60fps. I wish more people would talk about this. Only complaint is that it didn't overclock well.

Thor80 22 points 24 months ago

This had a $30 mail in rebate, so we could not pass it up at the price. We really like that it has a built in fan header so you can control a case fan based on the temp of the graphics card.

nightrook 11 points 24 months ago
from completed build ~$1200 CAD 1080p Gaming Build

I love it when it works. A lot of Polaris users have reported that the monitor disconnects randomly, and AMD still hasn't fixed this drivers issue. I've had this for a week and my monitor has lost the signal multiple times, even during light gaming. Just letting you guys know the risks before buying. I'm surprised no one has said anything here yet. That aside, I do love it, I just hope that AMD fixes this issue since it's already been a year since release.

Anyway, with this particular card, the cooling is great and silent. It's essentially the perfect card, if you ignore overclocking. I was able to push 1370/1800, but it gets hotter and the performance is not significant. Don't expect too much from the RGB, but it is nice and bright. The lighting controls don't always start up with my pc or resume from sleep, but it's not a big deal to manually start it.

Again, great card for 1080p at high settings, if you want to ignore the occasional, completely random monitor disconnects.

rhombae 12 points 24 months ago

Definitely not the best 470, but for the price on sale its hard to beat the out of the box performance. This one wont be overclocked and had no real issues so far.