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Operating System

Microsoft - Windows 8 OEM 64-bit

( 4.4 Average / 186 Ratings )




Part #



Windows 8



Maximum Supported Memory

128 GB

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Teoteska 12 points 50 months ago
from completed build Teo Teska Mini ITX 2015

Michaelsoft wandows ate. Not much to say. Boots much faster than 7? Streamlined. Metro UI is useless and filled with useless things, I just turned it off.

roawh 45 points 49 months ago

Ahh Windows 8/8.1. I don't actually hate it, but then again, I am not a power user. Now that the computer boots straight to desktop, I really don't have issues with the UI outside of the charms bar (which I don't have to use all that much). I have my programs clustered on the task bar or linked on the desktop. I actually find the right-clickable windows logo to be helpful, as it has shortcuts to many key utilities. The one thing I'm still wrestling with 8.1 over is the task scheduler creating work for the HDD whenever the computer goes idle. The HDD is often at very high usage doing "maintenance", which can certainly be annoying.

sabybe01 4 points 21 months ago
from completed build Personal Build

5 stars only because I got the free upgrade to windows 10.