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Video Card

Sapphire - Radeon R9 Fury 4 GB NITRO Video Card

( 4.7 Average / 15 Ratings )




Part #

(or) 100379NTOC+SR


Black / Silver


PCI-Express x16


Radeon R9 Fury

Memory Size

4 GB

Memory Type


Core Clock

1.05 GHz


275 W



SLI Support


CrossFire Support

4-way CrossFire


307 mm / 12.087"

Supports Freesync


DVI-D Dual-Link






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noseonarug17 11 points 32 months ago
from completed build Grawp

$275 is an incredible price for this and I'm glad I got this deal instead of the 480. I've honestly only played CSGO, Battlefield: BC2, and Dishonored so far, but it keeps all of them at my max framerate with the exception of occasional brief drops in BC2 (and freesync takes care of that). With less than 5 minutes in MSI Afterburner, I undervolted it and messed with fan speed settings, and it sat at or under 40C in Dishonored in about 2.5 hours of play.

Owenage 13 points 31 months ago
from completed build The Bottlenecker

Amazing graphics card for the money. Maxes out every game without breaking a sweat. It is the perfect card for 2k 60+ fps max settings gameplay.

Hamien 5 points 31 months ago
from completed build The Basset (8/16)

It runs super-cool and super-quiet with a custom fancurve and a -48mV undervolt in AfterBurner. Probably a bit overkill for most current games at 1080p/60fps, but I can use VSR to run them at 1440p and in the future it should still be enough.

Zarovzky 19 points 30 months ago
from completed build Node 202 - The Challenger

GPU: well, this part is that game me another challenge. Initially I wanted to go with the EVGA 1080 but I found a 50% discount on the Sapphire R9 Fury and it was an insta-buy. My next monitors are going to be free-sync so that's just a plus there. I had to cut a corner off the backplate as It did not fit in the case properly, holy cow, this GPU was very hard to fit in the case without bending or forcing anything, the GPU is 307mm long while the recommended max length by fractal design for the case ie 310mm. Well… even if it is a 3mm shorter it didn't fit the entry, but when it was in place there were no problems at all. The GPU is overclocked at 1100Mhz and the HBM at 530Mhz.

reed989 15 points 28 months ago
from completed build I5-6600k - R9 Fury - First Build

Can't really provide a good review as mine died very quickly (only lasted about a week). Games looked really good at 2560 x 1080 on maxed out settings. Card is very large but was simple enough to install.

UPDATE I have upgraded to a 3440x1440p HP Omen 32" 60hz (75 hz with Freesync) monitor. This card runs most games on High-Ultra settings. Occasionally on Ultra it (I am assuming) runs out of ram and causes the game to freeze but the sound continues. When this happens I restart the game and scale the graphics down slightly and it seems to fix the issue.

Overall I am really happy with the card and would definitely purchase again at the price I paid.

bpwyant 29 points 27 months ago
from completed build The Olympian

Probably the best deal I got in this machine. I paid $259 for each of these monsters with a $20 rebate. For $500 I got more performance than I could with a single 1080 for over $100 less. Plus having two GPUs and HBM is pretty awesome too. I pulled a graphics score of 30,555 on 3DMark Firestrike running at stock frequencies.

trevionpaul 10 points 26 months ago
from completed build Barely fits

It Is an amazing card and definitely is great for 144hz gaming at 1080p.

onodorable 10 points 25 months ago
from completed build Nano S air cooled edition

I've purchased/used a lot of graphics cards over the past month and currently have a Fury.

I started off with an rx 470 which had really nice $/performance (I'd say the best). I bought a 1440p 144hz freesync monitor though and wanted something a bit stronger.

I then purchased an rx 480 but it had a bad fan so I ended up exchanging it for the Fury. I did a ton of searching around but I couldn't find any information on whether the Fury being a 2.2 slot card would fit in the Nano S. It does in fact fit although it is closer to the power supply than a normal 2 slot card.

I also had a Fury X for a bit but it had horrible coil whine and I don't have a good spot for the radiator in this case.

Some things to consider with the Nano S:

-You can fit really long cards (even Fury Nitro) if you don't have a front radiator. I literally have a few mm between the Fury and the 140mm front fans.

-Secondly the power supply blocking a fan isn't as bad as you think it would be. My fury idles around 42c and under load is around 70c at 40% fan. I debated getting an sfx power supply for the longest time but decided it is not worth it. They are really expensive for the watts and usually are louder.

-My main observation is that you want a long card, ideally a triple fan like the fury nitro or a strix or something if using an atx power supply. This way you get one and a half fans fully blowing. My triple fan cards performed quite a lot better than shorter dual fan cards. That being said, temps are still reasonable with the shorter dual fan cards, they will just be louder.

owendane 3 points 24 months ago
from completed build Fury

Buy it, still on sale on Newegg 3/17/2017 for cheaper than I got it. Better performance than a RX 480 or GTX 1060: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4qHjM32d3k

Zveir 14 points 24 months ago
from completed build A Winter Refresh

An excellent GPU. Performs well in every game for the price I paid($300) while staying very cool and inaudible. The biggest drawback is easily the VRAM capacity. It has the power to play games such as Battlefield 1 in 4K around 50-60FPS, but the game can not be maxed out due to that limitation. I recommend this card for high FPS 1080p gaming, because you can still hit VRAM limits fairly easily in 1440p.