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Rosewill - BlackHawk ATX Mid Tower Case

( 4.6 Average / 39 Ratings )




Part #





ATX Mid Tower

Includes Power Supply


External 3.5" Bays


External 5.25" Bays


Internal 3.5" Bays


Motherboard Compatibility

ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX

Front Panel USB 3.0 Ports


Maximum Video Card Length

300 mm / 11.811 " With Drive Cages
420 mm / 16.535 " Without Drive Cages


515 mm x 212 mm x 505 mm

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Newegg $59.99 +$5.99 s/h Out of stock $65.98

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bradenfontaine 35 points 47 months ago
from completed build The Steve Buscemi

Great for air cooling, horrible for water cooling and cable management...

NotAnNPC 6 points 45 months ago
from completed build First ever build

Spent a lot of time looking at cases. This one was suggested by a pal. Absolutely love it.

SSLgame 15 points 44 months ago

This case comes with many fans and it has very nice airflow and cable management is pretty easy! It also looks very nice and it's very roomy!

eeem1214 8 points 40 months ago
from completed build Jolly Blue

The case is amazing it comes with 5 fans, sadly we had to remove one for the cooler to fit and the cable management isn't that bad but it is my first time so the only thing annoying about it is all the stuff that it comes with for the top IO

sgtSnyder 13 points 39 months ago

I like this case very much. The cable management is done very well, and I love the rubber around every hole. I just wish there were a few more points in the back for zip ties, and that there was an extra half inch of space under the back panel. Worth the money? Not sure. Still a good case? Definitely.

SuPeRMiNoR2 9 points 38 months ago
from completed build GLaDOS

Plenty of room to work with, decently sturdy. Very good cooling is possible with this case, it has plenty of places for fans. Also, it looks pretty good. I wish the fan filters were a little bit better though.

JLamp391 2 points 26 months ago
from completed build BlackHawk Friday: Mid-Tier Build

Absolutely loving this case. It's a big one (look at the dimensions people) but size = room, and room = low temps. Comes with 5 fans, two of which have molex connectors built in. This is very nice as most mobos only have room for 3 system fans. The blue LEDs are great looking. This picture does them justice. They're a nice deep blue, so they're not super in your face or distracting while using the build. Having 5 active fans might seem noisy, but it really isn't. Easy cable management, dust filters galore, hot-swap dock with pre-installed SATA and molex cables; I couldn't be happier. Some people have said that certain aftermarket HSFs require you to remove the side fan, but that's no price to pay if another case doesn't even have a side fan. It's just a free backup fan. Often goes on a good sale.