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Video Card

Gigabyte - GeForce GTX 1080 8GB Xtreme Gaming Premium Pack Video Card

( 4.9 Average / 7 Ratings )




Part #

GV-N1080XTREME-8GD Premium pack


Black / Silver


PCI-Express x16


GeForce GTX 1080

Memory Size


Memory Type


Core Clock


Boost Clock



180 Watts



SLI Support


CrossFire Support



11.38" (289mm)

Supports G-Sync


DVI-D Dual-Link






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aBoxbot 20 points 24 months ago
from completed build TM∀-1

Pricy but performant. Mine is holding steady at a core clock of 2025MHz. The crazy three-fan air cooler on this thing is gigantic (this is a 3 slot card) but keeps the chips cool without much noise. Under full load I'm nowhere near hitting power or thermal limits and the cooler is keeping the card at 66ºC with fan noise barely above a whisper.

Synisterr 12 points 21 months ago

Looks sick and works perfectly! max setting in every game, I get 300+ FPS on First-Person shooters, MOBA, simulators, and other games like that. Open world, MMO, and other larger games It still will be 100-250 depending on the game. In the Heaven Benchmark 4.0 I got a max of 224. a min of 34, with a avg of 116. This was running at Ultra quality in 2560x1440 fullscreen. Overall 10/10 would purchase again.

dab88 15 points 21 months ago
from completed build The SubZer0 NanoS

Probably the most highly over engineered 1080 on the market at the moment and I managed to pick up the premium version for the same price as the regular meaning I get a free mouse pad and can sell the SLI bridge

ThePedro8161 9 points 21 months ago

Love, love, love this card, it handles games amazingly and I've never had any game run badly with it. It stays cool and I've never noticed any noise from it.

StrikerX1360 6 points 20 months ago
from completed build Project Venom | Version 2.0.0
Jinx83 17 points 20 months ago

this is a amazing card ive pushed it up to a stable 2110mhz and 700+memory oc and had it 100% stable in all tests and games i threw at it temps never get over 60c, the only drawback is it throws all that heat into my case and my 280rad is set in exhaust it was driving my cpu temps up like 5c having all that extra heat go through them so i set it back down to its factory overclock and heats up my case a lot less. still get 200fps in doom4. it also has very nice leds that match with the rest of my rig 5 stars

StuntPCGamer 5 points 17 months ago

I Love Orange the the Gigabyte Xtreme Card was perfect for me, arguably the fastest and best cooled card out there, I have no problems with it.