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Video Card

Gigabyte - GeForce GTX 980 Ti 6 GB Video Card

( 4.6 Average / 26 Ratings )




Part #



Black / Silver


PCI-Express x16


GeForce GTX 980 Ti

Memory Size

6 GB

Memory Type


Core Clock

1.19 GHz

Boost Clock

1.291 GHz


250 W



SLI Support

4-way SLI

CrossFire Support



295 mm / 11.614"

Supports G-Sync


DVI-D Dual-Link


DVI-I Dual-Link






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R7m8 36 points 46 months ago
from completed build Storm Trooper build $4k

Love this card its even better in SLI, out of this world performance to

Pahjay 74 points 45 months ago
from completed build My take on the stormtrooper look

Absolutely amazing card. I don't play many gpu intensive games, but the ones that I do play this card has handled amazingly.

Snuggleicious 22 points 44 months ago
from completed build Nemesis (First Build)

This thing chews up frames and spits them out faster than a scalded ape. Sadly the OC software required to adjust the LED's is abysmal. It does not remember OC settings so you have to adjust them every time you restart as well as adjust the LED settings back every time you shutdown. Also, the software even though its set to run at start-up will not do it.

KenZen 22 points 44 months ago
from completed build Armored Core X9

Open box from Microcenter. Paid less than reference MSRP and it clocks over 1400mhz so I'm not complaining.

rktoast 33 points 44 months ago

Let me begin by saying when I initially designed this build, I was not even aware of this card and instead decided to get the fastest reference 970 and eventually put them in SLI. While that card looked great in the build and I still stand by it is the best price/performance card out there for 1080p gaming, I did run into the memory problems. I also found the card to sag slightly, even when I cabled it to fight that specifically. Once I had the money though I decided I wanted to find the best card I could fit in this system that would not have memory problems and look good as well... I don't know how so many of you can put up with those silver shroud, 1 fan, bright green 'GeForce' cards. While I was initially hesitant to drop this much on a Gigabyte product, let me tell you I have 0 regrets. This card blows 99% of all games on max settings away, getting well over 60fps on a 1080 monitor. Even with a 1440p monitor this card would kick ***, which is the next purchase I plan on making. The only problems I have with this card is the software utility is pretty poor, the white LED silent fans are as annoying as they are useful, and of course this thing is HUGE. I have noticed that there is some slight sag going on, and I would feel more comfortable if this were sitting horizontally. It's so large it overlaps my drive bay and completely covers my SATA ports, so I have to take it out if I want to change those. Other than those I have had no problems with it and definitely recommend.

ryukagex 21 points 41 months ago
from completed build My Dream Rig

Picking up an NVIDIA card due my monitor and I have managed to get this cheap

TaylorPope 15 points 41 months ago
from completed build Storm Stryker Gaming Build

Absolutely stellar version of a stellar card. Temperatures with the single card were phenomenal for air blowing (never even went into the 60's) and even the bottom card stays as cool in SLI. GPU has a 3 fan cooler so the noise level can rise when the fans are really working, especially with 2 of them. Overclock is very stable and the card looks great with the multiple color LED Windforce logo and the backplate.

STixRedline 9 points 40 months ago
from completed build Uranium

Love this card and handles above 1500 MHz like a champ! Definitely my favorite 980 ti

theonetim 22 points 39 months ago
from completed build The Most Generic Build Ever

The card itself is very good, with a clearly high quality construction. It is, however, let down by the Gigabyte software, which is terrible. The fans are silent a lot of them time, and barely audible when they turn on, at least with my computer under my desk.

thechickenman 17 points 39 months ago
from completed build Blackstar: multi-purpose system

The Gigabyte-spec 980Ti is one hell of a card: it has excellent performance, good looks, and enough outputs to keep me happy. Unfortunately, Gigabyte's software is trash. I only keep OC Guru to change the color of the LED (the card can't remember its color, sadly), and use MSI Afterburner for everything else. It also coil whines at times and is sagging quite a bit after all these months. That said, it's still a good pickup.