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Creative Labs - Inspire T6160 50 W 5.1ch Speakers

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Creative Labs


Inspire T6160

Part #

(or) 51MF4105AA003



Frequency Response

40 Hz - 20 kHz

Total Power

50 W

Power (Front, Each)

6 W

Power (Center)

6 W

Power (Rear, Each)

6 W

Power (Subwoofer)

20 W


Creative Image Focusing Plate (IFP) design: The system's IFP design features a flare surrounding the satellite driver to improve sonic directivity and imaging to the listening area, giving the music more focus while preserving tonal accuracy.
Phase Cap: The speaker system also features an extended bullet-shaped dust cap which deflects midrange audio from the cone, enabling cleaner high frequency performance ideal for surround movies and games.
Incredible surround sound: Thrill your senses with the panoramic experience of surround sound from five satellite speakers. Enjoy accurate 5.1 positional audio during games and movies for the most realistic and exhilarating experience ever!
Powerful subwoofer: Feel clean, explosive bass from the subwoofer, thanks to its large flared port tube design. You can even set your desired bass level simply by adjusting the conveniently located knob.
Wired remote control: Enjoy the convenience of powering on/off the speaker system and adjusting its volume with the included wired remote. Place it within convenient reach on your desktop!
Magnetically-shielded speakers: Place these magnetically-shielded speakers anywhere you want, even near notebooks or LCD/CRT monitors, as they wouldn't cause any image distortion or interference. Their small footprint also optimizes space on your desktop, reducing unnecessary clutter.

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