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Sennheiser - HD 280 PRO Headphones

( 4.6 Average / 5 Ratings )





HD 280 PRO

Part #






Enclosure Type







64 Ω

Active Noise Cancelling


Sensitivity at 1 V RMS

102 dB

Cord Length

9.833' (2.997 m)

Frequency Response

8 Hz - 25 kHz




Closed, dynamic stereo headphones
Accurate, linear sound reproduction for critical monitoring applications
Optimum impedance ensures universal compatibility
Space saving design features collapsible, rotating earcups
Up to 32 dB of ambient noise attenuation
Neodymium magnets for high maximum SPL
Single-sided, coiled cable with 3.5 mm mini jack with locking 1/4" adapter
Very comfortable, even if used for long periods of time
Rugged construction with user-replaceable parts
Contact pressure: 6 N
Load rating: 500 mW

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rktoast 33 points 44 months ago

I've had these forever, still work great. Definitely recommend for anyone into gaming, music, and movies.

ninjustice 10 points 29 months ago
from completed build Solitude - First Build

Amazing sound, I've had them for over a year and they show no signs of wear whatsoever. I can wear them al day and they are still super comfortable. A VERY nice soundstage for the person who doesn't want to feel like they're in the middle of an earthquake. Even with integrated sound without a dac/amp they are still awesome!

GoodSmith 22 points 28 months ago
from completed build Noob's First Practice Build

I purchased these headphones in 2014 for $85 CAD after reading reviews about how they offer the best passive noise isolation (up to 32 dB noise attenuation as per the official website). They were not exaggerating! They don't block all sounds from outside, but they do a very decent job. In an office environment I can keep the music volume level at 10% only and that's enough to block most chatter around me. Still they won't match active noise cancelation headphones if you are in a train or plane.

I am not much of an audiophile but I am happy with their sound quality, although they are too sensitive and their volume is very high. This is good if you are using them with a phone but not on a PC where I always have to turn the PC volume down. Currently I am using them while gaming.

Some cons I can mention: They don't have inline volume control, and no mic is included. They may also become a bit uncomfortable after very long use because they apply slight pressure around your ears.

In general I am ok with them and will wear them out until I find something else much better, preferably with more bass.

bassetbuddy6421 1 point 20 months ago

Sound quality is excellent, perfect for gaming and listening to music. The closed design keeps sound in very well once the pads are cupped around your ears.

I use these for hours at a time and my only complaint here is that my ears get very warm after these long sessions so I have to let headphones rest on my neck for a while and let my head cool off.

Has a coiled cord so if that's not your thing, steer clear or learn how to rewire your own.