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Video Card

XFX - Radeon R9 280 3GB Black Edition Double Dissipation Video Card

( 4.5 Average / 8 Ratings )




Part #



Black / Red


PCI-Express x16


Radeon R9 280

Memory Size


Memory Type


Core Clock



200 Watts



SLI Support


CrossFire Support

4-way CrossFire


11.57" (294mm)

DVI-I Dual-Link




Mini-Display Port


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TheKidnappedOne 16 points 28 months ago
from completed build 99 Chi

Pros: Nice all black aesthetics with high lights of red on the fans. The card stays very cool while being put under any amount of stress. when I ran it ran fairly well however the number of times that the card would cause a crash due to being unstable are a huge draw back from what could been a very good 1080p gaming graphics card. I was getting good frame rate from several games including Battlefield 4 and GTA5 at around 50-70 fps, however as I stated many times the card would just inevitable crash my main monitor and the only way around it was a full reboot.

I have found this graphics card to be very unstable even at stock clocks and I have been frequently forced to bring the clocks down below stock, I may be speaking to XFX about this and finding a way to rectify the problems. I will update this review later if I do so and what the out come of that is.


Okay so I spoke with XFX about the R9 280 behaving strangely, and they offered for me to send them the card, however I wasn't quite done tinkering and trying to figure out what was wrong at first, so I continued and fortunately when AMD released their latest set of updates, it seems to have alleviated the problem, I am still being very cautious and don't want to push the card too hard however I am pleased to say I have a very stable overclock of 1100MHz running with no crashes as of yet, my belief is that the issue resided with the Catalyst Driver itself, and lets face it AMD isn't currently known for the best drivers as the previous driver I was using was over a year old.

burninator3343 13 points 27 months ago
from completed build The Nerd Herd

It's a great card and I really could not pass it up for $150. The closest comparison was a 2GB GTX 960 for $60 more, and it wasn't really that worth it for me. I do have one concern about this though. It idles in the low-mid 40s and got up to the upper 70s under full load (Witcher). I'm unsure if that's particularly high or normal, any thoughts would be appreciated there. The card itself runs great though. I played FIFA on it (FIFA isn't too demanding) and oh my god was it gorgeous. But really intensive games (like witcher) also looked very good.

** I thought docking a star for the heat was a bit harsh, but I also haven't discounted that I could be doing something wrong, so it remains a 5

Desmond327 19 points 22 months ago
from completed build The Black Box

Great card, no over heating issues, stuttering, coil whine, and runs the applications and games that I own on high - ultra (games may vary). There are a small army of deals on this card at any given time so keep an eye out if interested.