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Gigabyte - GK-OSMIUM Wired Gaming Keyboard

( 4.7 Average / 7 Ratings )




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Cherry MX Red

Includes Mouse


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Origin_Saint 6 points 25 months ago

This mechanical keyboard is great, but the software for the macro keys is downright terrible.

I bought this to finally get into the mechanical keyboard market, and I was very happy with my purchase, and still am. The keycaps feel great, the options for USB 3.0 and 2.0 connections and headphone and microphone on the keyboard itself is a very great option to have included, and the volume and backlight wheels are a very nice touch. The blue backlighting is what really drew me in. I liked the wrist rest, but I don't have room for in on my desk (keep in mind this keyboard is quite large). I have the Cherry MX Red switches in mine, and they are phenomenal for gaming and typing alike. Everything on the keyboard is responsive and I have had nearly no issues with anything mechanical.

The issue I did have, was that the spacebar stabilizers broke once, due to a installation problem (fortunately Micro Center replaced the whole keyboard for me). I have noticed that the included stabilizer spring and clips for the spacebar seem to be a little off. I purchased a new spring and clips from WASD Keyboards and installed them instead, as the factory spring had no grooved cut out to account for the switch being in the way, and as a result made a click noise when pressing on the sides of the spacebar.

All in all, the keyboard is really great, but if you're looking for software customization, I'd suggest a Corsair Vengeance or something similar. The software for the 5 macro keys for the keyboard renders them essentially useless, and to be honest I've probably pressed mine less than 10 times in the year I've owned it.

But the build quality is great, the cable is long and sleeved and comes with an attached cable tie, and the keyboard just feels really sturdy and types well, not much more I really could have asked for in a mechanical keyboard.