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Antec - One ATX Mid Tower Case

( 3.3 Average / 7 Ratings )




Part #





ATX Mid Tower

Includes Power Supply


External 5.25" Bays


Internal 2.5" Bays


Internal 3.5" Bays


Motherboard Compatibility

ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX, Thin Mini ITX

Front Panel USB 3.0 Ports


Maximum Video Card Length

266 mm / 10.472"


436 mm x 208 mm x 487 mm

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Newegg $50.16 +$5.99 s/h In stock $56.15
Monoprice $56.88 Out of stock $56.88+
Newegg Business $54.99 +$5.99 s/h $60.98
SuperBiiz $46.99 +$22.99 s/h $69.98
Walmart $96.75 +FREE s/h In stock $96.75
PCM $77.99 +$25.80 s/h In stock $103.79

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jnichols22 34 points 43 months ago

You get what you pay for. Other than being rather plain looking this case is good quality though it would be nice if there were more slots for 2.5

ScottH454 11 points 39 months ago
from completed build Mortgage Payment

Pros: Very affordable case when they have them in stock. The black textured paint used looks good inside an out so they didn't cheap out there. Plenty of cable management openings to work with. The tool-less optical drive mounting was finicky, but after installing a drive 3 holes lined up so you can secure the drive with proper screws. The bump out on the back case door gives you 1/2" to work with, enough but get your cables tight. Forcing the thin metal door closed you can easily bend it. I consider the rear facing hard drives a pro as this keeps the case cleaner with no interference to video cards. This is just an overall great looking case, not over-the-top tacky. The simple design an black mesh gives the case a "it means business look", unless you add lighted fans then that look goes away.

Cons: The case metal is a thinner softer metal than my Antec Nine Hundred so you do have to be cautious when working with the case. Definitely not a good choice for portable LAN case. Front case fan mounts are two screws (long ones that seem like an after thought, not designed for this use) in two corners an little bumps in the opposite corners. This obviously didn't hold the fan tight, maybe if I did some metal bending. This is the one place I would recommend modding the case (see other thoughts). The tool-less optical drive mounting was finicky, an took some work to get it jammed in (confirmed by YouTube component install video). My biggest con for this case is the hard drive cage an it's drive mounting. Visually it looks great, but there is no option to screw or integrate anti-vibration mounting. Since they mount from the rear having to open the back side door can be a concern. I would have liked a quick disconnect or have the front header panel plugins to be mounted to the main structure. If you add a fan filter or a filter to the front panel you wont have any slack in the wiring to go far with the removable front panel.

Other Thoughts: Power supply mounts one way (I think, not taking it back out to double check). The intention was to utilize the bottom filtered intake. This was helpful as it put the power cables closer to the back of the case an route them behind the board quicker an cleaner. I don't understand the need for tool-less options in cases, there is probably more complaints against them than pros. Who actually removes an installs their components enough where using a screw driver is an issue. If I where to change anything about this case it would be a removable hard drive cage. At some point in the future I might try my hand at modifying the hard drive cage replacing rivets with screws so then I can convert the tool-less mounting.

Recommended mod: Grind the two bumps down till they open up an you can drill them. Open up all four holes to a size matching the rest of the fan hole openings. After deburring use rubber fixed pins to mount the fan from all four corners.