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Razer - DeathStalker Wired Gaming Keyboard

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JayFragz 22 points 41 months ago
from completed build The Cosmic Cube

Crappy, buggy, and getting a bit dirty now. Gonna replace one day.

TheAsel 4 points 39 months ago
from completed build Green CSGO Smasher Setup

It's a good keyboard but some keys get stuck and it's really annoying, I will probably switch to a mechanical keyboard soon

davfo 6 points 36 months ago
from completed build Dorothy

For everyday use, I never really had a problem with it. Once I finished the build and started gaming, I realized how uncomfortable the keys can become. They become difficult to press. Only find it to be in issue in games where you're really focused on keystrokes.

ampedupcivic 7 points 35 months ago
from completed build T-001 Tyrant

Keyboard and Mouse - Razer products are very nice. Reliable quality, but sick of the green glow. I will be updating these to their CHROMA counterparts when the price is right.

ziggurat666 14 points 35 months ago
from completed build "RGB" Client Build

Customer bought both the mouse and keyboard separate, they work well for his need and add the G(reen) element to this build

Clintblackwood 3 points 33 months ago
from completed build First build in 2012

The keys were always too soft for my liking and I then ended typing up papers on my laptop instead. Overall nice keyboard 5/5 not enough clickyness 1/5

Synisterr 12 points 25 months ago

Need to get the Chorma going! Otherwise, very nice looking keyboard and it is comfortable.

Dodgeyou 6 points 19 months ago
from completed build The MultiColored Monster

Good, cheap, win xD

keeper777 6 points 16 months ago
from completed build The Time Machine

I have used it for 3 years and going and nothing on it has broken at all. The keys show no wear and the green backlit is still bright. It does not have any extra hotkeys on it like some of the steelseries keyboards, but I love how the keys are spread it nicely and not super tight like a mechanical keyboard.

JulioAndy 1 point 15 months ago
from completed build Mister Dukes

Very comfortable and quiet(compared to other keyboards). I work night shift so on my days off I game a lot at night while my significant other is sleeping. I have not disturbed her due to the keyboard noise.