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PNY - Optima 240 GB 2.5" Solid State Drive

( 4.4 Average / 29 Ratings )




Part #



240 GB


SATA 6 Gb/s

Form Factor


SSD Controller


NAND Flash Type

MLC (synchronous)





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Amazon $114.95 Free two-day shipping with Amazon Prime In stock $114.95
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Teoteska 12 points 49 months ago
from completed build Teo Teska Mini ITX 2015

PC didn't even detect anything in this Sata slot at first, reboot and suddenly it's there. not sure what that was about but 7-8 second boot windows 8 with this SSD. Fast, No issues since.

Dacj610 11 points 49 months ago
from completed build Gaming PC Junk Build Under $500

I have to mention i got this by a mistake due to Best Buy (thanks guys) for only $50. the reason i have gave it such a high score is that my system hasn't been speedier. i have noticed such a large increase of speed in my system due to having a SSD. as for the pny optima i can't say how it compares to other SSDs (unless someone wants to send me some to compare)

bradenfontaine 35 points 49 months ago
from completed build The Steve Buscemi

Nice, will probably get another

CapnJudge 8 points 48 months ago
from completed build The Tarrasque

I was weary with all the reviews being 50/50, but this thing is working like a charm, would recommend to anyone!

jg16jg 10 points 48 months ago
from completed build Next Gen SolidWorks Workstation

My first SSD and I am very impressed. Super fast boot time and I installed Windows 8 in about ten minutes. Highly recommended!

Fangs_A_Killer 13 points 44 months ago
from completed build Hidden Ember

Man, stay AWAY from this SSD, it has numerous problems. To start, the SSD is slow. It has been slow from the very first day, but since I had never used an SSD before I didn't realize that the increased speed which I noticed was from better parts overall and not the SSD (Just replaced the SSD with my old WD Blue and the old HDD is faster). I could have lived with that since it is relatively cheap, but staring around 4 months in the SSD would cause my system to freeze around 6 times a day (computer on all day). While it would unfreeze after around 30 seconds, it was insanely annoying and made gaming impossible. After this happened I decided to look up reviews for the drive (last time I buy something based off of someone saying the company is good) and found out that this drive is prone to these issues on top of many more which after knowing what to look for I realized that my drive had those issues as well. Then to top it all off, when trying to migrate my data to the WD Blue drive, the OS and users get corrupted. Luckily I didn't loose any data, but it did add a day of work to fix it.

Padlock248 20 points 41 months ago
from completed build Frostbyte (First build)

So for the SSD I really wanted something nice, like a Samsung EVO. But when I saw this SSD on sale at Amazon for $80, I decided to jump on that. It performed well. Only one thing I didn't like and that was that the person who shipped it sent the wrong mounting hardware. But that has nothing to do with the SSD itself.

MSD2550 6 points 38 months ago
from completed build Red Alert

I usually stay away from PNY since their GPUs always cause my PCs to BSOD, however their storage items have always been good to me, this being one of them. No issues at all, Ubuntu (when I had it installed) and Windows recognized the SSD with no issues at all. Fast boot up times too.

CQC 39 points 37 months ago

Price is explained in a previous build here. It's good for what it is but not worth full price. Still better than a traditional hard drive.

CapnJudge 5 points 29 months ago
from completed build Ghost

I bought this on sale otherwise, for the price, i would have just gone for corsair or something, but when I bought it was totally worth the money, and has worked well from day one.