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Crucial - Ballistix Sport 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR3-1600 Memory

( 4.8 Average / 82 Ratings )




Part #



Black / Silver


240-pin DIMM




16 GB (2 x 8 GB)

CAS Latency



1.5 V

Heat Spreader






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BaNdiiTb0y 7 points 48 months ago
from completed build 1st PC Build January 2015

Cheapest DDR3 2x8 config RAM I could find at Microcenter. I was told the mhz differences between 1600 and 1866 and so on really didn't make a significant difference so this suited me well. The 2x8 allows me to upgrade to 32 if I need to in the future.

iWalky 12 points 44 months ago

It's RAM! It works. Bought 16 GB because I like to create virtual environments.

matthewjs92 6 points 43 months ago
from completed build Joy -- My First Build

Having no problems with this product so far

Apach3 13 points 43 months ago
from completed build 3 Minutes 2 1mpact

They aren't anything special, but they get the job done. Nowadays, they're dirt-cheap, so if anyone is looking at 16GB of DDR3 RAM consider a pair of these things.

gnarlycharlie4u 20 points 42 months ago
from completed build Get Better Gaming Rig

Good ram, great price. No unnecessary heatsinks. Completely stable and very accurate timing.

ElBurrow 10 points 42 months ago
from completed build First MATX rig

16GB is more than i really need, but there area few games i play that use over 10GB of RAM so it comes in handy.

michaelgat 12 points 42 months ago
from completed build Wonderful Workstation

It's memory with a heat spreader bar. How much the latter really matters id debatable, but it was cheaper than "naked" RAM. Crucial tends to generally be on the better side of available clock rates (CL9 in this case, compared to many competing products that are CL10 and CL11) which can't hurt.

gabep 10 points 41 months ago
from completed build Mid-High Range Gaming PC

Nice short RAM sticks. If I ever have to install a new cooler RAM clearance shouldn't be a problem. I docked a star because it looks rather odd at certain angles with the exposed PCB, but that's a very minor issue.

satmary 23 points 40 months ago

It's RAM. Nothing too fancy.

danny6787 9 points 39 months ago
from completed build i7 Work Station

Cheap and looks good