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Video Card

MSI - GeForce GTX 1070 8 GB Video Card

( 4.9 Average / 85 Ratings )




Part #

(or) GeForce GTX 1070 GAMING X 8G


Black / Red


PCI-Express x16


GeForce GTX 1070

Memory Size

8 GB

Memory Type


Core Clock

1.506 GHz

Boost Clock

1.797 GHz


150 W



SLI Support


CrossFire Support



279 mm / 10.984"

Supports G-Sync


DVI-D Dual-Link






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partyofone 13 points 34 months ago
from completed build War Machine 2.0

Big improvement over the 280x, which was a great entry level gpu. I'm excited about the possibilities of VR in the future with this one. MSI has the best looking gpu's in my opinion. The LED's look awesome in my case. Looking forward to overclocking this in the future too.

Jeremy714 8 points 34 months ago
from completed build Black Betty v1

holy heck this thing is a beast, and I love msi, you can never go wrong. Cant wait to try this on a crazy high setting game

stripling 16 points 33 months ago
from completed build Singularity

This really is the best GPU i've ever owned. I've loved every minute with it so far! As you may see from the images, it is an EXTREMELY tight squeeze to fix the card in alongside the radiator and the fans, but after a bit of force (and probably a few scratches on the radiator) the card slotted in perfectly! After a few hours of tinkering with the overclock, I managed to get a stable increase in both the memory clock and the core clock without the need to tinker with the voltages at all. I'm pretty happy with the Fire Strike score that I was able to achieve! Before overclocking the score was roughly 15200, after overclocking I managed to achieve 16397! Not bad at all in my opinion!

mrgummage 9 points 33 months ago
from completed build Mini ITX Pocket Rocket

This thing is a beast. Pricey in the opening few weeks of release, but with it's adaptive fans it's totally quiet until it hits 60 degrees C, and that doesn't happen until you really push it.

This fella is gonna last me a few years at least!

ohadk123 22 points 33 months ago
from completed build My first self-built PC

AMAZING CARD!!! Looks just magnificent! Amazing performance! Amazing cooling! 10/5 even!

Sideclone 23 points 33 months ago
from completed build The Junepo PC

Just updated to this guy and it's incredibly fast. All games maxed out now, 100%.

Dizzlepop12 24 points 33 months ago

I love this thing so much. A true noticeable upgrade from my old R9 290. I went from getting 30 - 60 FPS in BF4, but now I get 55 - 150 FPS and rarely dips into the 40s (which is due to the CPU bottleneck).

I can't get MSI's crappy gaming software to work. I just want change the RGB LED and set it to OC mode, but it won't detect my card and says "The platform doesn't support this application", despite all of my drivers being installed.

Kiiwi 23 points 33 months ago
from completed build Silver Monolith

Absolute killer of a graphics card. Dead silent and a superb overclocker. 1508MHz stock, 2101MHz once overclocked.

Billyharris123 19 points 32 months ago
from completed build Joining The Master Race

For the money this GPU is incredible. It looks amazing and it performs like a $1000 GPU from years past. Couldn't be any happier. Currently have a stable core clock of 2100 GHz.

potation 12 points 32 months ago
from completed build My first enthusiast build

Amazing card.

A bit big, but the Twin Frozr VI coolers really do their job. Loud under load, but from what I've read online, is one of the coolest/quietest cards in its class.