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Video Card

GALAX - GeForce GTX 1070 8 GB EX OC SNPR White Video Card

( 4.5 Average / 2 Ratings )




Part #





PCI-Express x16


GeForce GTX 1070

Memory Size

8 GB

Memory Type


Core Clock

1.594 GHz

Boost Clock

1.784 GHz


150 W



SLI Support


CrossFire Support



296 mm / 11.654"

Supports G-Sync


DVI-D Dual-Link






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Jackweeks15 13 points 6 months ago
from completed build disco white fox thing idk

The Galax GTX 1070 (sniper white) isn't really "white" it's more egg shell white or cream white, however. once its in the case, you cant really tell, especially when its night time. it performs exactly like any other 1070 would and or should, and the rgb works fine. but when set to white, the led is to the blue side of white. the led fans do get mildly annoying from time to time as they are underneath the fans, so when the fans slow down to a stop, theres like a disco inside the case. also, the fan leds are not rgb, just plain old white (which are perfectly white as they are white leds) the leds on the fans are a good idea though, as they add some light to the bottom of the case and show off that "perfect" cable management. this isnt a problem of your case has a psu shroud, but could be problematic if not as you would be able to see all of the cables that run to your power supply. speaking of power, it takes a whopping 6-pin AND 8-pin connector, one obviously for the card and the other for the leds. in the nzxt s340 elite case, the cables line up perfectly with the hole for power cables, so if you're looking for that very clean look (like me) you should have no problems at all achieving this (with this card and case that is) I know that Kyle (bitwit) has the same card and case and has made the cables look absolutely perfect

The Ultimate RGB Build - December PC of the Month (bitwit) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7e7pDT-BFKs)

a lot of people have concerns about clearance because of the rgb backplate, but for me (at least) i have plenty of room (mobo-asus prime z370-a) the card does sag a little as it is a fairly hefty card, but thats not an issue for me as i have a little 3d-printed fox in my case that holds it up. this card however (this is just something that happens with some cards) my particular card has coil whine, i don't know if its because of my cheap power supply (i have a feeling it is) or just a manufacturer error, but my card does have coil whine. this isnt an issue for me because i play all of my games with headphones on, but it is a little problem when i'm recording stuff as you i can hear it in the recording. don't be scared about this fact. a lot of cards do this and a lot of cards don't. my bet is on my cheap power supply isn't delivering it power efficiently. you most likely wont have this problem

overall the card is very very good, and for the money i paid for it, i am very happy. Pros - performs how it should - leds look good - good cooling - looks very good - good for the money

Cons - power hungy - coil whine (my fault) - slightly off white - software is a bit fidly - fans not rgb - not individual addressable rgb leds (only the whole card) - sags a little

but honestly non of those cons are really a problem once its setup. and when you want to say change the leds, yes its fiddly, but once they're changed, its not a problem

Jackweeks15 1 point 4 months ago
from completed build Arctic fox Upgrades 2018-2019

Part Review after having it for just over 6 months.

The card is still very very good. yes the software hasn't been updated to become more user friendly and yes it's still very basic. but it does its job. the egg shell white has become less noticeable over the past 6 months (as Ive come accustom to it)

now since i've upgraded my power supply, the coil while has stopped. it's more quiet and runs smoother. not in terms of fps gain but in terms of less noise and it's running not "better" per say, but just more comfortable i guess. it looks fantastic with white cables and the off white doesn't clash with the bright white cables at all. it's basically not noticeable.

however. i don't know if this is the phanteks cables i bought or the card, but it was very difficult to get the 8pin pci-e cable in. i don't know what was going on but it ended up cutting my finger i was pushing so hard to get it on. the first time i put the cables on i obviously didn't put it on far enough and the card wasn't getting enough power, so obviously after a few windows and tabs opened and the card got a tiny bit of load on it, my whole system went white (the rgb leds went white) if this happens to you don't be alarmed, the cables might not be in far enough, if they are. then you might have to get a bigger PSU to power it. (i'm sorry if you do)

after 6 months - the card still runs well -it hasn't sagged much -colour still the same -rgb leds still bright


-software hasn't updated (and i don't think it will)

if you can pick this up for a decent price, 100% do it. it's a fantastic card