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Razer - Razer Naga 2014 Wired Laser Mouse

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Razer Naga 2014

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theoretical 1 point 38 months ago
from completed build My current custom gaming build

Works great for MMO's, wouldn't recommend it for FPS, tracking wise it didn't play well with my steelseries QCK after about 3 months. Works fine with non cloth pads though.

hawkeye1 13 points 35 months ago
from completed build Waterbox

I got a good deal on a 2013 Naga mmo. I use that one all the time. I thought the numeric pad layout on the side would be better on 2014.

mintycosmo 7 points 34 months ago
from completed build Fairly Xhilarating

This thing will change your life... literally. Well if you're a gamer that is. Great responsiveness and different grip styles to fit what could be the best for your hand size.

The extra buttons will move you away from your keyboard and most definitely increase your skills by ten fold if you play games like WoW, LoL etc..

Sensitivity max through razer synapse is a whopping 5600, while accelaration maxes out at 10, polling rate goes up to 1000. I'm one of those guys who likes to crank everything up. .^

If you're a gamer and buy this it will not disappoint. I heard of some bricked razer nagas but I guess I was lucky because I've had my 2013 edition and it's still running strong and I now have the 2014 edition and no issues whatsoever. Keep clean, maintain and it will last for some time... unless you get a faulty one. In that case suck it up, get an RMA, and game on.

neilbe4me 14 points 29 months ago

I have always been a fan of Razer and I love the thumb buttons. These really help with games that require multiple buttons like League of Legends or Tera. The mouse is really smooth and very responsive. It's also extremely ergonomic. The software to setup macros is very nice. The cable is extremely long so this helps for anyone who have a hard time reaching their tower if it's far away from them. It also helps for peripheral cable management! I got this for a pretty good price. It was $50 on Amazon.

LlamasLikeSoda 11 points 28 months ago
from completed build My First PC Build (Mid Range)

Excellent mouse for mobas and works for other games as well. This mouse fits my fairly large hand quite well, making playing games very comfortable, the rubber on the right side for your pinky is a great plus too. Though the 12 keys on the side are a bit tight, this still is a great mouse.

Master-Zixx 13 points 27 months ago
from completed build The Reckoning

The option to have just about anything under my thumb is pure bliss. I will always buy a razer naga

austi79 2 points 27 months ago
from completed build The Miranda Lawson Styker

I do a lot of MMO gaming, I also play Garry's Mod and even in the Mass Effect series recently the simple buttons on the side of the mouse help for great quick actions. Laser mouse, super fast, super exact, never had a problem and it's Razer, the only problem is the price, I don't know why the competitors charge so much for less quality.

SaurontheGreat 8 points 24 months ago

Around 2014 I got my girlfriend into World of Warcraft, I bought this mouse for her because she liked the way it looked. After using it for a few weeks she felt uncomfortable with it and we traded mice. This is now my go to for gaming and pretty much everything else.

daandris 15 points 18 months ago

Brilliant mouse for editing shortcuts, gaming and much more. Working fine. Definitely worth the money at the time of purchase. DPI is what you would expect from a Razer mouse, configurating software for the lighting, binding profiles for the keys etc. Fast and smooth

JPCFUN 1 point 13 months ago
from completed build Build 2.1 (ish)

Got this for a steal through a Walmart price error. I'm not really a fan however because Razer's software isn't that great and I have occasional tracking issues. It's held up decently however so I'll give it that.