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ASRock - Z270 Killer SLI/ac ATX LGA1151 Motherboard

( 4.6 Average / 12 Ratings )




Part #

Z270 Killer SLI/ac


Black / White

Form Factor


CPU Socket



Intel Z270

Memory Slots

4 x 288-pin DIMM

Memory Type

DDR4-2133 / 2400 / 2800 / 2933 / 3200 / 3600 / 3733

Maximum Supported Memory

64 GB

RAID Support


Onboard Video

Depends on CPU

CrossFire Support


SLI Support


SATA 6 Gb/s


Onboard Ethernet

1 x 1000 Mbit/s

Onboard USB 3.0 Header(s)


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Merchant Base Promo Shipping Tax Availability Total
OutletPC $123.88 -$20.00 +FREE s/h In stock $103.88
$20.00 mail-in rebate
Newegg $99.99 +$3.99 s/h In stock $103.98
Newegg Business $99.99 +$3.99 s/h $103.98

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sr20b20lsvtec 28 points 24 months ago
from completed build Honda 4 Banger

Very pleased with the look and performance. heard complaints about the 5Mhz Wifi but is works great for me even with being 40+ feet away. When it first starts up the RGB's blink red like you messed something up but its just the way they have it starting up. Could be any other color to not scare first time builders. Just think you would be spending $30 bucks on Wifi in a system but this one already has it.

chrstman8 6 points 23 months ago

Love this motherboard! Built in WiFi and Bluetooth is super nice.

Karsty5 15 points 20 months ago
from completed build [First PC] The Arctic Panther

Amazing motherboard for the price, with plenty of features. The LED is a nice touch, and the built-in WiFi and bluetooth was awesome.

adventureguy 8 points 19 months ago
from completed build Black and White Kaby Lake Build

This is motherboard is one of the best in this price range. It's built well, it comes with some nice features, it has a good selection of I/O, and it look's pretty good. The power delivery also is pretty good. It's not a fancy board but there's not much to dislike about it.

Tarawa566 5 points 16 months ago
from completed build First Build

Looks great, bios is easy, WiFi and Bluetooth work great. The RGB LED is a nice touch.

nathanguyenn 6 points 16 months ago
from completed build FIRST BUILD - NOT RGB FOCUSED

Great mobo so far. the wifi and bluetooth saved me money. i wish the lights on it would be a bit brighter but that doesn't bother me.

nottherealzeesh 8 points 13 months ago
from completed build Photo Editing PC for a friend

I chose this motherboard because it opens up the possibility of overclocking later on, and it comes with wifi. The price I got it for proved to be more efficient than buying a mobo and a wifi card separately. I realized after almost finishing the build that the USB 3 header was broken on mine, but I just bought a USB 3 card with a header for like $15 on Amazon since I didn't feel like taking everything apart again. Took two stars off because of this problem, it was really annoying.

omnikron702 26 points 12 months ago
from completed build Meet "Ragnar"

Got it on cyber Monday for $100 has everything I need and want in a motherboard bios is well done and easy to overclock. BT and wifi And I like that fits my build

cmvedder2 7 points 12 months ago
from completed build Lexi's Final Build

Pleasently surprised with how great this motherboard works, especially the wifi ability.

deadbeforeitsank 6 points 12 months ago
from completed build Monochrome Ascension

Great motherboard for a first time build. Clearances are great for my setup, BIOS UI is good, easy to OC following some guides online. Lastly the onboard wi-fi is great for a motherboard at this level and price. Very happy I chose it.