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CPU Cooler

NZXT - Kraken X52 Rev 2 73.1 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler

( 4.4 Average / 9 Ratings )





Kraken X52 Rev 2

Part #


Supported Sockets

AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+, AM4, FM1, FM2, FM2+, LGA1150, LGA1151, LGA1155, LGA1156, LGA1366, LGA2011, LGA2011-3, LGA2066, TR4

Liquid Cooled


Radiator Size


Noise Level

21.0 - 36.0 dbA


500 - 2000 RPM

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SuperBiiz $136.79 +FREE s/h $136.79
B&H $149.78 +FREE s/h In stock $149.78
Newegg $149.79 +FREE s/h In stock $149.79
Newegg Marketplace $149.95 +FREE s/h $149.95
NZXT $149.99 +FREE s/h In stock $149.99
PCM $256.99 +$13.88 s/h $270.87

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skylerspaeth 18 points 4 months ago
from completed build C H R O M A T I C

Was slightly confusing to mount, having only mounted 1 radiator before, but it ended up looking really good. Only complaint is that I couldn't get the fans to spin fast enough to move air throughout the case, because I replaced the Kraken's fans with the case fans. Probably just an issue with the CAM software itself, and this specific case.

It all ended up being fine though, as I installed Afterburner to adjust the GPU's fan, ending the throttling issues.

Skraydd 20 points 4 months ago
from completed build Demonz'

It looks great. EXTREMELY great. It must be the best AIO we have seen (and we have seen a lot). The only downside is the pump and the fans not being totally silent, unlike that be quiet! AIO solutions. But don't get us wrong, it is far from besing super loud.

lolkrayd 18 points 2 months ago
from completed build Pre-Destiny 2 Ryzen 301


Amazing style on the pump. The customization is great as well! Decent cooling even on silent profile. Temps are good even with the profile I am using since I leave my computer on 24/7


For the cost, this was very expensive compared to the h100i. Seems like whoever manufactured NZXT kraken x52 had problems since one of the main complaints was it failing fairly quickly. The first unit was already showing signs of failure after a week of usage. High temps, grinding noise, pump randomly stuck at max speed even when temp was under 50 (both liquid and cpu temp). 2nd unit was just bad Quality Control since the screws were all bent despite packaging being good. Luckily the 3rd unit was perfect and has been working great for a few weeks now.

Good thing Amazon had great customer service otherwise NZXT would not be able to honor the 10 year warranty these things have. They were out of stock of the x52 and did not know when they would have more in stock.

If you get a working one its a good product if you are willing to pay more for aesthetic.

BliXer27 27 points 2 months ago

I fell in love with it. I am running it in silent mode and I can't hear it at all and CPU stays very cool. Under load around 40 °C. And it's obviously the best looking AIO around.

Skraydd 26 points 1 month ago
from completed build Project Roadz'

Certainly the best looking cooler out there. It keeps the CPU really cool, but the fans are a bit too noisy in our opinion. It's far from being extremly loud, but we can hear them. But this look !

LeFunny 22 points 1 month ago
from completed build RGB Skin Insanity

Great cooler with simple installation, slap some HD120s on it and you are for the RGB races. It's keeping my CPU under 60 degrees when video rendering.

sodium 8 points 24 days ago
from completed build another RGB Build!!!

Beautiful looking also does its job.CAM sw now stable.

Cinari 10 points 18 days ago

Looks good, RGB is cool to look at, build quality is great and keeps my CPU super cool even while messing around with OC. Wish the tubing was a little more flexible, otherwise it's a great cooler.

CONS: The tubing on the right side of the water block takes up a huge amount of room. Some motherboards (Asus ROG strix Z370-I) don't have the clearance between the ram and CPU for this to be mounted. It only fits if installed upside down. Annoying, but not the end of the world.