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CPU Cooler

NZXT - Kraken X72 Liquid CPU Cooler

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Kraken X72

Part #




Supported Sockets


Liquid Cooled


Radiator Size


Noise Level

21 dB - 36 dB


500 - 2000 RPM

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NZXT $199.99 +FREE s/h In stock $199.99
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TheDahle 8 points 7 months ago

I went big. I wanted no issues with cooling. Go big or go home.
I love the look of the unit and the hoses are sturdy. The fans, when they pick up speed, create little noise (mitigated by the beQuiet case) and do the job. I had issues deciding exactly how to get the radiator in the case. And had to give up on the optical drive tray (I have an optical drive sitting around that I could have used) But once it was in, it works great! But.... and it is a BIG but. The software just pisses me off to no end. I was in love with this thing for a while and I started watching my computer more closely and I realized that it was using resources that it shouldn't. Then I read the disclosure agreements and they can mine your personal info and collect data on purchase and almost anything you do on your PC. I stopped using this PC for personal use and only game on it currently and will be replacing the cooler soon. Unfortunately I can find no way of running the cooler without the software.

I paid at time of build $168.99 for this cooler.

Hammerman55 9 points 6 months ago
from completed build I9 7900x

Starting with the air cooler Cool Master V8 GTS, however overclocking was limited, so I replaced it with the Kraken X72. The Kracken is a perfect match for me. Its performance is super. Plus the lighting is so cool and blends in with the other devices running RGB. Would like to see it sync a little better with Asus Aura. Still playing with it and tweaking. Cam has some presets included, but for some reason I cant access them. Looking for solution.

rpaul0624 10 points 4 months ago
from completed build ROG STRIX Build

So far this is keeping my power sucking CPU ice cold. I've over clocked while playing games for hours and the CPU temp stays at 28-31 degrees. I'm glad i sprung for the Kraken X72 the 3 fans mounted on top of my cooler master H500M perfectly.

bulletsponge514 9 points 3 months ago
from completed build First One.

zero complaints - RGB is adjustable any way you can imagine, fans are quiet, pump and fan curves can be adjusted easily in the app. I'd buy again for sure (as of now).

KaptainKris1 26 points 2 months ago

Keeps My Cpu Nice and Cool as well as being the best looking Liquid CPU cooler on the Market in my opinion

zapptv 5 points 1 month ago
from completed build Vote 4 RGB Compatibility laws

Incredible temps out of the box. Only problems are with software and being unable to control the RGB without jumping through (what should be) unnecessary hoops.