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Power Supply

Corsair - CSM 650 W 80+ Gold Certified Semi-Modular ATX Power Supply

( 4.5 Average / 42 Ratings )




Part #

(or) CP-9020077-UK
(or) CP-9020077-NA
(or) CP-9020077-EU




650 W



Efficiency Certification

80+ Gold


> 90%

PCI-Express 6+2-Pin Connectors


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Corsair $109.99 Out of stock $109.99+

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jamesaustin436 54 points 46 months ago

Quality build and works great! Only con was a wine that started day one but it seemed to have passed. Now its awesome and super quiet!

Axeyy 5 points 32 months ago
from completed build 2016 Skylake 2nd Rig

This is my 2nd Corsair PSU coming from a CX850m on my main rig, ive had no issues with this and works well with low noise and no issues.

estevao3 4 points 31 months ago
from completed build My first Build

I know, this PSU is not very good, not very reliable, but for now looks fine and I have no complaints..

zeiluse 5 points 31 months ago
from completed build Little Wyvern

This is was the best bed for a good PSU without going all out and gold rated.

Dandolf 9 points 30 months ago
from completed build Alpha June Rig

It's a power supply and 80+ Gold rated. Not much to say here. Oh some might say it's not enough Juice for my set up. But believe me, it's way more than enough. Skylake and Pascal is very power efficient, it just boggled my mind.

aTamedBear 13 points 28 months ago
from completed build Fire I3 6100 build

Goth this on sale on newegg, pretty easy to work with being semi-modular. Just with the non-modular cables were all black. I ended up plasti-dipping the ends and they turned out pretty decent.

Jhtocp 14 points 27 months ago
from completed build Entry Gaming Rig RX 480

Gives me the watts I need, quiet, looks great in the tower.

PotahProcessor91 10 points 27 months ago
from completed build My White Dream!

For my PSU I grabbed a Refurbished Corsair CS650M semi modular. Its the first refurbished piece I've bought and it fired first try. Runs everything fine and first month no issues. Not loud at all either.

chulalongkorn 3 points 25 months ago
from completed build Gerald²

Quiet, efficient and reliable, this PSU is a great choice. It is modular, making for very easy cable management (not that I bothered). The one disadvantage of using this PSU is that the mesh sleeving for the 24-pin ATX power cable reveals the coloured wires, possibly ruining a black theme.

cutwow 15 points 23 months ago
from completed build First VIDEO RENDERING build!

For being refurbished this was great!