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TheYam's Completed Build: Eduardo The Massive Computer (1st Time Builder)

Criss16 1 point 21 months ago

Hey man nice built, I was wondering if you could tell me whether the Gigabyte GA-Z170X Gaming 5 would fit in the computer case you used for this built, the Cooler Master 690 III ATX Mid Tower Case?

Criss16's Saved Part List: Cheap High Performance Gaming / Workstation Build (Long Duration and Upgradable)

Criss16 submitter 1 point 21 months ago

This is a budget built for both high end gaming and good quality CAD workstation. It is a combination of power and flexibility, as it can run most if not all games available in the market on Max settings and it does not shy away from the highly demanding CAD desktop softwares, while it's main purpose is not for CAD, it will do the job for work at home. It's 4K capable, VR Ready, it will be viable for a little more than 1 year and if you want to upgrade it, you won't have to change much at a time.

Observations and recommendations:

  • No physical interface compatibility issues noted, no major compatibility issues either between the CPU and the Motherboard, see Intel compatibility list on: http://processormatch.intel.com/MotherBoards/CompatibleBoards?componentName=i5-7600K If anything, you might have to update the BIOS if it's not already up-to-date, that is F20. Note that if your motherboard is a (rev 1.1), it is most likely to be already running the F20 BIOS updates. If it's a (rev 1.0) then you will probably have to update your motherboard if you are looking to install a Kaby Lake processor into it, the update(s) should be available on Gigabyte official website, and also instructions along with some video tutorials are available, links below.

  • Set the CPU towards the RAM, for strategical airflow.(This note does not apply to aircooling dual fans radiators or liquid cooling single or dual fan radiators.)

  • Recommended upgrades if you have a few more bucks to throw into your built: 250GB or more M.2 NVMe SSD, Cooler Master or Corsair Liquid cooling dual fans for the CPU and 2 extra casing fans for better air flow.

Gigabyte Z170X Gaming 5 Downloads page links and Youtube tutorial on how to update the BIOS links:

Precautions to be taken while updating the BIOS:

  • Q-Flash Plus is not available on this motherboard from what I found

  • Watch both videos and understand the steps of the 3 different methods proposed, before attempting anything

  • Read as much as you can about how to update your BIOS on Gigabyte official website before attempting anything, you might want to watch more videos on Youtube on how to update BIOS for Gigabyte Z170x Gaming motherboards to help understand the procedures better

  • Do not download the old updates like the F5 updates

  • Download and install only the most recent updates which is currently the F20, so download and install only the F20 updates

  • Secure everything tightly without forcing before starting the update process

  • Use an UPS while installing the new BIOS, to prevent any interruption of power

  • Ensure that BIOS is not already up-to-date, that is not already running the F20 BIOS, before trying to update it

  • Quick Install is not recommended?, you want it to be an Intact install

  • Hard Format your Flash Drive(Pen Drive) before copying the BIOS updates onto it

  • Do not power off the system while the installation is in process

  • Do not reset the system while the installation is in process

  • Do not try to stop the installation once you press"Enter" or if you are doing the Q-Flash method, do not touch or press anything once you have press the power button on the motherboard

  • Do not touch or move the Motherboard or anything connected to it during the installation, as it may cause it to interrupt the process

This is the final high end gaming budget built for 2017

ThoughtA's Build Guide: Great Gaming Build

Criss16 1 point 21 months ago


ThoughtA's Build Guide: Great Gaming Build

Criss16 1 point 21 months ago

Swap the Sata interface SSD for a PCIe one and it shall be better, even if it's a 250GB one, you could host the main software(s) on it, like the OS and the software(s) you use the most or that one or two game(s) you play the most. Obviously if you have the money get the 1TB one, you'll be able to host all your softwares, games and many more in that case. Oh btw, the reason I'm recommending PCIe over the Sata one is because the latest Sata interface, Sata 3 is slower than the new, 3rd generation of PCIe interface and even much slower than NVMe interface. And as you should know ,the faster the communications are done, the faster your computer will read and write information, which means loading software and games faster, and download a few bytes much faster from the internet or ethernet