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Hardware > Storage Sabrent M.2 NVME SSD on Amazon 1 33 10 days ago by pcbldragain
Hardware > Keyboards & Mice Looking for a full size work space mechanical keyboard. No RGB 15 90 23 days ago by DuoOne
Hardware > Motherboards Need a replacement for his MSI Z7270i G Pro Carbon. Any suggestions in something on Amazon or New Egg? 2 32 1 month ago by thunder-93
Systems > Create A Part List For Me Looking to upgrade my PC and also build my wife a pc with the leftovers. (budget $1500 USA but would like less) 2 37 9 months ago by Pawacorn
Hardware > CPU Coolers My Kraken X62 died. Got a Cryorig H7, what should I expect? 7 505 16 months ago by Keidan94
Systems > Troubleshooting I am having static issues. Please, oh please, help! 4 251 17 months ago by tragiktimes101
Hardware > Monitors What would be a good portrait companion to the S1627DG? 4 195 19 months ago by Datamatr1x
Systems > Create A Part List For Me Wife needs a PC for online teaching. ±$250 3 110 21 months ago by Allan_M_Systems
General > Site Feedback And Feature Requests Having a "sort by" feature in the Forum Search function would be helpful. 1 79 24 months ago by Rexper
General > General Discussion Wait until after the wedding she says... 15 457 23 months ago by Seatopen
Systems > Create A Part List For Me Help me build a PC for my wife @ $1200-1500? 15 200 24 months ago by LewisWhite1
General > General Discussion This site is the only place I can tolerate PCMR. 11 243 24 months ago by lisa_simpson
Hardware > Storage Suggestions for a 3 or 4tb HDD? Best current ones on the market. 3 155 24 months ago by fellway
Hardware > Storage What are my best options for expanding my currently filled storage? 5 202 24 months ago by suhok
Systems > Create A Part List For Me Friend wants a video editing and rendering build, what do? 4 185 24 months ago by Matthew83
Hardware > Monitors Asus MG278Q vs Dell S2716DG IPS vs GSync 2 535 25 months ago by Chillsabre
Hardware > Monitors ASUS MG279Q USB 3.0 Passthrough not working, how do I troubleshoot? 0 173 25 months ago by Datamatr1x
Hardware > CPUs What max temps should I be hitting while running Prime 95 on my i5 7600K? 3 223 25 months ago by Datamatr1x
Hardware > CPUs What temps are okay for an overclock i5 7600k while running prime95? 3 1717 25 months ago by Kakarotto
Hardware > Motherboards When trying to install Asus Aura software on my PC I am getting a error saying it's not compatible with my OS. 6 900 25 months ago by Datamatr1x
Hardware > Video Cards Considering liquid cooling my ASUS GeForce GTX 1080 8GB ROG STRIX. WTH am I getting myself into? 1 78 25 months ago by Radox-0
Systems > Troubleshooting Can't get Aura Sync to work for Asus Z270-A Prime 2 318 25 months ago by Datamatr1x
General > General Discussion Wish I found this forum earlier! 1 132 25 months ago by manirelli
Hardware > Motherboards Why didn't you get the Asus PRIME Z270-A? I did, why was I wrong? 5 258 25 months ago by Herbie211
Hardware > Monitors G-Sync or IPS? What's going on with monitors? 6 203 25 months ago by Razorwing02
Hardware > Other Alternatives to the NZXT Aer fans and Cam software? 7 1292 25 months ago by msental