My name is Ky Mozelewski. I'm 28. My birthday is on April 9th, 1991. (Which explains 1991 on my username.) I love computers, playing Pokemon, Yugioh, collecting Antique & Vintage Telephones, (I hope to open a Pickers Repair Shop with my co-founder. Like American Pickers but with Telecommunications.) playing Video Games, I'm an aspiring wrestler hoping to get to be a WWE Superstar with my 2 friends to be a stable, & I'm big into Action Movies, especially with Schwarzenegger. I have a 104 Comic books & counting currently in my collection, I heard about this site on Bing while searching Build your own computer. This site popped up, and Here I am. I have a 3 year old Havanese dog named Mira, & 2 cats named Boots & Cali. (Boots is a 10 year old tiny at birth tuxedo cat, & Cali is of course a 2 year old Calico.) I live with my mom & step-father currently & Hopefully temporarily. I mostly use my computer for surfing the web, playing World of Warcraft, but I never stop when it comes to trying to be more hard working & efficient with it.