Name is Marcus, I'm 18, currently working my *** off in my local community college to get a nursing degree (2 more years ("wait Marcus nursing takes 4 years") I only did 2 years of high school and I started college at 16) just to support my addiction that is PC Building. Don't forget the job at Marshall's to help out my withdraw symptoms when I don't buy a new part every week.

Started building/tinkering when I was about 12, so far have 13 complete builds under my belt, many more upgrades, and iterations. I am as neutral as possible when it comes to the Red vs. Blue and Red vs. Green debate while both have made questionable decisions in my eyes, if it gets the job done without hassle, a good price, and lasts, its a good product.

The best comment I have ever made.

Also for some reason the majority of discussion I have on this website has the other person's message deleted so?

All in all, I talk too much, I am expressive and like to debate/discuss and get opinions. Look forward to meeting some of you in the comments of builds and forums!