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Sept. 22, 2013, 11:24 a.m.

About Gooberdad

Thanks for checking out my profile. Before the info on me and such, here are quick links to my builds.

Dead to life; E for Excellence, emachines et1831-07

Junk Yard Dog: EBAY Oculus Rift build

Centaurea Cyanus

1983 Apple IIe

Nathan's inside the desk pc

Frankenstein's pc....It's alive

Collegiate honor society reward

Ellie's Lavender Lady...now Gooberdad's SLI pc!

Joe's Black and Gold Box

Most of my builds have some light modification to suit what I need. Sometimes it does not go as planned, I just love tinkering. Sometimes I feel like this...

Disaster about to happen

Sometimes I'm the monkey, sometimes I'm the wrench. It doesn't work when either one gets thrown into the engine. Then I have to step back and figure how to fix my mistake.

Some very helpful info I've gleaned from my friend Eltech88.... Can't quote what you don't know. I see newbies post how "...stupid that PSU decision was...." There is close, there is wattage overhead, and there's the occasional mistake. The PSU hate is real. Don't be hating. Everyone makes mistakes, so keep the zingers to yourself. We are to be respectful in here, or leave.

PSU review database

PSU "gaming" wattage recommendations by GPU

The name "Gooberdad" comes from being a dad and a goofball who works on cars in Memphis, TN. Goober Pyle was a character from the Andy Griffith show who was the town mechanic, a goofball and the cousin of Gomer Pyle. Gomer left to join the Army and Goober stayed to take care of Mayberry.

Alright onto the love, ya'll.

I love this website community and frequent it's halls most everyday. Without it I would not have learned such valuable lessons as "Your psu is going to make your pc explode and burn down your house." Seriously, I have learned a few things from this place. 1) A build doesn't have to be amazing as long as it makes sense, is well described and has good pictures. The better the pictures, the better the upvotes. 2) Don't get angry because someone posted something ridiculous, or true for that matter. We are all here to encourage pc building. 3) My dad's old 1983 Apple IIe was a featured build on here and was received quite well proving Apple once made a personal computer. To quote the big cheese who I just recently learned is in charge of the selection of featured builds in reference to the criteria...

Manirelli "...Clean cables, clear pictures, and a good description are a great start."

So anytime I've stupidly said something about any featured build, (or anyone else for that matter) I insult the selector and his process. But no more. I love this website community. It's not something I want to disrespect.

I'm glad I came across here a few years ago doing a search for "Build a pc". This place is a blast. It's amazing how over four years have flown by.

Ok, ok, onto about me and such....

My name is Scott. I love Jesus Christ and am grateful to be saved by the sacrifice He made on my behalf. I believe God rose Jesus from the grave and He now sits at God's right hand. I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, because it is everlasting life and fellowship with God. I will never be perfect as long as I am in this world. I screw up like everybody else, but I trust my God. I am married with three children under the roof. Well kind of under the roof. One attends college in another city. I'm in my upper mid forties. Yes that is old to a lot of you fellow pcpp'rs. I am an ASE automotive certified master mechanic who no longer "turns wrenches" for a living. I have not yet built myself a desktop pc. I have a laptop, but I typically don't use the laptop for anything other than learning how to make adobe illustrator decal designs when I'm blessed to work with my sister in law. I use my cell phone to view and comment and post here on Pcpartpicker. Unfortunately auto correct, whatever it is my phone does to words sometimes and my clumsy fingers cause me to make a lot of texting errors as you can see in my descriptions and comments. It's funny to me to find the mistakes later on and face palm.

Im an old Apple dog learning new pc tricks. Loved the whole Apple scene for years. I destroyed a Mac Mini trying to upgrade the cpu and decided to go pc. When I bought an Hp desktop I learned about the wide variety of cheap parts that could go into one. Easy to clean and upgrade. Nice. I had not messed with Microsoft pc's since the late 80's. It was a nice home coming of sorts to learn about all the changes since the 80386, or i386 if you like, had come out. My two oldest kids had iMacs, but they did not game well at all. My oldest was really into World of Warcraft and was overheating his iMac due to the damn dust I couldn't figure out how to clean out of the gpu and cpu cooler without dissecting it.

I replaced my son's iMac with our first build in April 2013. Considering we didn't know what we were doing, it turned out great. I initially gave it a terribly cliché name with "beast" in the title. Bought parts at too high a price and my son was overjoyed pay me back what we initially set out to buy and I covered everything else. Heat was my biggest fear so lots and lots of fans and the biggest AIO water cooler I could afford. I also put the pc in his bedroom with his desk and monitor in the study/closet. The wires all go through the wall. That part is neat.

So my oldest son's iMac went to my daughter, Ellie. After I used 120 psi compressed shop air to get all the dust out I could, it didnt overheat anymore. My daughter's smaller iMac went to my youngest son and everyone was happy. My daughter liked the improved performance of the bigger iMac but it didn't compare to the new pc. About 6 months after the "deep cleaning" my daughter's iMac 8800gts video card quit on her and she wanted a pc. She told me what she wanted it to do. About October 2013 I built her one to her liking, and her color choices. I found a 4.5" hole saw is a great porthole maker and fan port creator. Her pc looks like a sparkly my little pony pc. This build got my wife involved for the first time.

I started to get the idea that modifying these pc's makes the cases not so limited by size constraints. Even if it says it will not fit a water cooler, just think about where a hole can be added to mount the radiator and the surrounding dimensions. If the numbers work, so will the system.....with a lot of pain in some cases.

With that in mind, I built a smaller pc for my college kid, Joe January 2015. Putting the slight case modifications to the test proved sucessful. That pc is pretty small and water cooled. I got to save a little and use my old GPU. My son says it games great at 1080p. Edit: Bought a used GTX 970 SSC and sold my old 660ti. This is a nice improvement. My son loves it even more.

Christmas 2015 was my most enjoyable build so far. I got to build a unique desk with my youngest son using mostly used and free parts and a little modification. Nate and I had a blast planning, gathering, painting and assembling his gaming pc desk. It's not the fanciest, fastest or best looking. It is all Nathan and Dad play time though. Great memories.

After conversing on here I made a reference to the old Apple IIe computer I used to mess with in the 80's. I called my dad who invited me to come over and help get it out of storage. He had the pieces wrapped up in plastic bags and not the anti static kind. We cleaned and assembled them at his house. It still worked after a few tries. Time to post it on the PCPP website. This one was in our family since the early 1980's. We played many hours on it even though it was provided by and for his work. We used it until his company provided an IBM with a whooping 20 mega byte hdd and it had a 3.5 disk drive. I really enjoyed the look on my dad's face getting the 30+year old machine working and trying out a few of the old games with him. Great memories of me, my dad and my big brother. I wish my little sister had been old enough to remember it, but she was only 4 in 1983. Thanks go to my dad for saving the old computer and helping get it going again. Can't believe it got featured and people liked it so much. It's now connected to my daughter's old tv in her room and lives on.

I offered to build my parents a pc for Christmas 2016, but after changes in my father's retirement plans ( not retiring ) and repairing my mother's laptop neither of them wanted a new pc.....During vacation in Ocotober I had already purchased the parts. After talking with my parents, these parts turned into an early building of my daughter's college pc, Centaurea Cyanus. A little modification and addition of a few parts created a useful mild gaming pc. It's cute, girly, the colors she wanted and performs well. I'll probably replace the 2.5mm SSD before college with a larger one though. I'm thinking a 750 GB, or larger SSD clone of the little 256 GB in it now. Edit:11/3/16 I installed a 6 rgb LED 1/2 strip wired in purple mode to light the inside of my daughter's little pc. Turned out great and added a softer consistency to the interior of the build.

4/6/18 The Junk Yard Dog build is finished. Taking one gtx 770 from the Lavender Lady to put in Nathan's PC In desk, and his 1060 6GB for the GPU of the Junk Yard Dog helped move the Oculus Rift from Nathan's tiny bedroom to the living room. Now everyone in the family can enjoy the craziness that is VR. Most parts were purchased on EBAY and were suspected to be used until they arrived. Some were sealed up looking new. Ended up working great. I'll have to adjust the other two builds accordingly. Belated Happy Easter! 5/3/18: received a GTX 1070 from Mason54! Took the 1060 out, cable managed some more so the longer GPU would fit and added extra ventilation with filtration. Woohoo. Thank you, Mason!

I thank God for giving me the use of my body and gifts of understanding and working on machines. I get to repair and build all kinds of things. I thank my father for letting me tinker with computers over the years. I also thank my wife for her support, help and patience and the help and patience of my children.

BTW: Thank you PCPP folks for this fantastic site to research hardware, purchase parts, make friends and see such wonderful builds. I hope this business is successful for many years to come.