My first computer was an Tandy 1000 HX lol, Is there anyone out there that had one of those lol.

Then the next build was many years later a custom build Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe with an AMD 2100+ Athlon clocked to 2.4gig running 4gig of DDR 400 PC3200 as well as an all in wound 9800 V card using 500Watt power supply

Next the Sweet Q6600 on a formulas Maximums Mobo Clocked too 3.4gig. Cooling with an H80 corsair closed loop liquid cooler.Mem. Kingston hyper X 1066 using 8gig. V Card ati radeon 4870 x 2. XFX 750Watt power Supply all rapped up in a Cooler Master Cosmos case.

For now The Cosmos II with a great Mobo the Formulas Maximus VI running an I7 Haswell 4770K clocked too 4.7Gig but have flirted with 4.9gig but for now a 1.252V running 4.7Gig I'm very happy. Vcard 7950 XFX DD Musken 256 SSD, OCZ 240 SSD and 3Terbyts of Mechanical drives. lol ya the cooling for the CPU an H100i and power supply an AX860i. Oh and a G510s Keyboard and a G500s weird Mouse.