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Jan. 5, 2014, 5:26 p.m.

About Growliff1234

Never judge a man until you've walked 2 moons in his moccasins.

I just now hit 1000 Comments so, that's pretty cool I guess


I was about 3 and, I had an emachine, pretty sure that's it, well anyway. I would get on Microsoft paint, and make awful drawings. Then I would ask my mom to print them, and she joking said sure, but let's do it later. ( It took too much ink ) That's pretty much how I started with computers and it all snowballed from there...

So flash forward quite a bit, and I had an HP laptop that was undeniably not the best performer ever. It had 8 GB of RAM which was pretty cool for the time I guess. I was addicted to minecraft at the time. Well, the laptop started to overheat a lot and I believe a lot of that was put unto me as my fault. Not sure but, I believe the HP Pavilion from that time overheated a ton, and we had one of a million bad models. Anyway, so I was without a PC and without internet for YEARS. It wasn't a ton of fun :P

So, eventually after my parent's Dell Dimension crapped out, I was excited. I knew we would get a new computer whenever it did and I'd be able to do stuff on there. So, we ended up with this Mac Mini. None of us had ever used a Mac but it came pretty quickly to me as, I have had 3 iPods so, I used to be a huge apple person ( Stares at Galaxy S6 ) I ended up getting to play minecraft again and of course at the time I was super pumped about that.

Then, one day my mom was like well, you're gonna love the new laptop I just ordered and I was like :O YES ! Then it got here, it was great. It had the brand new Windows 8 that everyone wanted at the time. It was amazing to me, it ran SO FAST compared to our mac. I played minecraft endlessly for a very long time. Soo, I ended up finding this weird website called pcpartpicker and I was about 11 at the time, Ok so I found this I told my best bud about it and we started making lists upon lists and searching a ton about everything about it. I always kind of found more interest in it. He was and is interested much more in sports than I. So, I just kind of kept learning more and more. Later on a couple years later, he moved away. We still talk sometimes, not really enough but oh well.

Anyway, I have evolved from my Minecraft playing ways and only play it when friends want to, I do because I enjoy it with them, but, my days of skyping all day with other kids and taking over kit pvp servers is over for me. I have developed a liking toward CS GO and a love hate thing towards WoW. I play some other games, and I also mess around with CAD software and Gimp sometimes, but, I mostly just stick around here and learn and talk with you guys !

Well, now here I am at 14 enjoying PC Part Picker and still learning more and having fun here day by day. I hit 1000 comments today and that's a cool achievement sort of. Sad to say though, the day I hit 1k Comments I was involved in a Topic that got completely deleted.