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June 10, 2015, 4:06 p.m.

About IwannaPC

Beware! Some parts of this description may be ancient!

Last Description Update: April 14, 2017 2:53PM CDT

Table of Contents

Main About
Unofficial PCPP Minecraft Server
Helpful People
PCPP's Address
PCPP/Part Picking Tips
Building Tips
YouTube Channels
Some more about me
Comment Goals
List of Fridges (CLOSED)
Favorite Comments
Tech Channel Updates
Friends List

Main About:

I'm a 16 year old named Jack who cannot stop building computers. Linux is awesome. I Make YouTube videos because it's fun.

New to PC building?

Check this build guide for what NOT to use in your first build. PM me if you want some help with your part list, or if you're terrified of posting in the forums (I used to be too lol).


Helpful People

Last update: 4/14/2017

PCPP's Address

Mostly for my own reference. HOWEVER, you can send them a post card and they'll send you a 'Built. Not Bought.' Sticker from their sticker bin. Awesome if I do say so myself. Or you can buy them on StickerMule.

PCPartPicker, LLC
P.O. Box 200069
Austin, TX 78717
United States

PCPP/Part Picking Tips

Slowly remaking this list.

Please don't use the build guides as a part lists opinions wanted forum.

Sharing parts lists.
https://imgur.com/SkuOm7u?r https://imgur.com/a/Z5bC9

GPU Choosing Help For Your Desired OS:

Windows: Any GPU you want, as all of them have equally as good drivers.

Hackintosh (OS X): NVIDIA GPUs, as they have unofficial drivers written for them and have generally more support in OS X.

Linux: AMD iGPUs and dGPUs, as well as Intel iGPUs (don't expect to game with Intel iGPUs). NVIDIA drivers are bad with any Distro of Linux besides Ubuntu (in my experience).

Why the EVGA NEX PSUs aren't a good choice:

The NEX is a much older and worse design than the G2 and GS units. There are many internal differences. For example, the NEX is based off an ancient FSP platform (I want to say Raider, but I'm not sure) while the G2 and GS are based off the Super Flower Leadex and a modified Seasonic G-series platform respectively. The NEX also has quad 12V rails, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but when the NEX units were popular there were tons of topics in these forums where a high-power GPU would overload a rail (more than 20A on a single rail), shutting down the unit and, of course, the system. By contrast, the G2/GS both are single 12V designs with much better reactions to higher power draw. - mrluckypants


Where to begin? Backblaze. Freaking Backblaze.

Current Reliability Data

Currently, Backblaze is saying the WDC WD20EFRX has a higher failure rate than all the listed Seagate drives (the ST4000DX000 is not listed on PCPP at the moment, substituted the ST4000DX001 in its place) combined. Hah. Git rekt.

Now let's move on to TweakTown's article on Backblaze. It's a good article explaining why you shouldn't bother with Backblaze's data in the first place.

There is also a user somewhere on the internet that explained why TweakTown was wrong, and that Backblaze was right, then went on to say his numbers matched up with Backblaze's. I'll update later on this when I find it.

Update: Link to forum post and also a bonus link provided by 526christian.

The claims about 'Oh but user reviews say that Seagate is worse!!!1!11!!!!!'.

Seagate Barracuda 1TB vs. WDC Caviar Blue 1TB - The Seagate is only .1 stars less rated than the WD. For what reason, I don't know. WDC Black comparison returns the same results

Seagate Barracuda 2TB vs. WDC Caviar Black 2TB - The Seagate and WDC have the same rating, and the Seagate has been rated MANY MANY more times than the WDC.

Seagate Barracuda 3TB vs. WDC Caviar Black 3TB - Only .1 stars less rated again. Again, I don't know why. Maybe someone used FedEx was playing soccer.

All these points are invalid. I'll update as more claims are brought up. Apparently the people who are keeping this going always have more to say.

Fun fact: I have a 250GB Seagate Barracuda from 9 years ago that still works excellently. Doesn't really matter though.

Building Tips

  • No need for an anti-static wrist wrap, or anything of the sort. I've always built on carpet without one (except once during a stream) and I've never had any issues. Instead, just occasionally touch the metal parts of the case.
  • The most stressful part of the build is the CPU install. When that's over, just keep calm and finish building. :P
  • When installing fans, there is typically a mark that shows you which direction the air will flow. Make sure to use that when installing/reinstalling fans. Generally the back side of the fan (where everything joins up) is where the air will flow.
  • The only tools you need for building is a nice-sized phillips head screwdriver. Very rarely will you need anything else, and often when you do the part you need it for will come with one.

YouTube Channel

All my YouTube-related links here:


Some more about me

I am a Christian, and I am very passionate about the Lord. If you want to talk about Christianity, then I suggest you PM me or Geekazoid (or others on this site if they say you can). I work hours upon hours (we're talking an awful lot of my free time) for my church, creating the website, editing YouTube videos and also working to be ready for the next Sunday. I am the Technology Director at my church as well.

Comment Goals

My First Comment

500 - Reached 1/26/2016
550 - Reached 1/28/2016
600 - Reached 1/29/2016
650 - Reached 1/29/2016
700 - Reached 1/30/2016
750 - Reached 1/31/2016
800 - Reached 2/1/2016
850 - Reached 2/1/2016
900 - Reached 2/2/2016
950 - Reached 2/3/2016
1000 - Reached 2/5/2016
1111 - Reached 2/8/2016
1212 - Reached 2/12/2016
1600 - Reached 2/21/2016
1700 - Reached 2/26/2016
1800 - Reached 2/29/2016
2000 - Reached 3/2/2016
2222 - Reached 3/7/2016
2500 - Reached 3/13/2016
2750 - Reached 3/17/2016
3000 - Reached 3/20/2016
3333 - Reached 3/30/2016
4000 - Reached 4/22/2016
4444 - Reached 5/12/2016
5000 - Reached 6/6/2016

A List of Fridges. (CLOSED)

Manirelli's has obtained Fridge status.

Philip's [Muted]

rhali8's has obtained Fridge status. [Muted]

TheNoob's [Muted]

imapie4688's has obtained Fridge status.

jipster69's [Muted]

Xorex64's [Muted]

Honestly didn't know this was going to happen... Guess it did. Lol


My favorite comments EVER!

I remember originally seeing your completed build, and thought it was interesting. Later I saw you answering questions on my guide, and it's not that I didn't like you, I just had something against you because I thought your username was stupid lol. Then I realized how knowledgable you were and it went from there. Once you released the do not buy guide my respect for you went skyhigh lol

Comment - digah2750

AMD and Intel have both worked together to release the FXG-2100 V3 and the i9-2600K, both containing a whopping 20480 compute units for heavy sideloading, being rated to predict the next 800 frames of input from your controller and giving you a maximum theoretical refresh rate of 600hz. The TDP has lowered 20% from the last FXG-2100 V2 and the i6-1400K, allowing for higher overclocking with AMD's Wraith™ VGA cooling technology, which both companies have adopted and improved for over 20 years since early 2016. The graphics cards have also been proven to contain a 2048 bit bus, which hasn't changed since the 1536 bit architecture back in 2023. The memory and core have both matched clock speeds at an extreme 18ghz, and includes an iCPU from LCE which is currently owned by IwannaPC that is designed to replace your soldered on CPU from Intel's "iCore Integrated" line of motherboards. It is rumored to be compatible with 64, 128, 256, and 512 bit platforms, which basically means it is backwards AND forwards compatible with newer platforms and 20 year old platforms from 2015!

Next up, a 40 year old man injures 19 and kills 4 people at Intel's HQ saying that they should bring back HD Graphics. More about this at 9.

clicks off of TV

Comment - ZillaGames

ok -you started it....

In order to assure the highest levels of quality work and productivity from employees, it will be our policy to keep all employees well trained, through our program of Special High Intensity Training (S.H.I.T.).

If you feel that you are not given enough S.H.I.T. on the job, please see your manager. You will be immediately placed at the top of the S.H.I.T. list.

Employees who are unable to handle S.H.I.T. will be placed in Departmental Employee Evaluation Program (D.E.E.P. S.H.I.T.).

Those who fail to take D.E.E.P. S.H.I.T. seriously will have to go to Employee Attitude Training (E.A.T. S.H.I.T.).

Since your managers took S.H.I.T. before they were promoted, they do not have to do S.H.I.T. as they are already full of S.H.I.T.

If you are full of S.H.I.T., and qualified you may be interested in a job, training others. We can add your name to our Basic Understanding Lecture List (B.U.L.L. S.H.I.T.).

Those who are proficient in B.U.L.L. S.H.I.T. can apply for promotion to the Director of Intensity Programming (D.I.P. S.H.I.T.).

If you have any questions, please direct them to our Head Of Training Special High Intensity Training (H.O.T. S.H.I.T.).

Comment - MichelWeber

You cannot cure The Hunger. You can only satiate it, momentarily, before it over comes you again. Yours is a path many damned souls have tread before, and many more to follow. A path of broken checking accounts, empty wallets, and the discarded husks of forgotten workstation machines- ruthlessly cracked open and hollowed out for their precious innards. Their abandoned frames form the breadcrumbs we follow to your final destination: the howling madness of a room alight with LEDs and whirring OEM fans; pulsing RGB and sloshing of pumps; a madman, rocking on his heels amidst his electronic compatriots; cackling with delusion, he clicks Add to Cart with pocked and gnarled fingers, still-fresh blood from a particularly unfriendly chassis dripping onto his MOBA-ready mouse...

You wish to scratch the itch? You damned fool... You are the itch. The itch has consumed you already.

Comment - gorkti200

Tech Channel Updates

Updates will now be on my own Discord. git invited m8

2/28/16 - Filming a NoScope Gaming Glasses review tomorrow. Should be out by the 1st.

2/29/16 - Filmed the review. Time to edit once I get homework done. I'll be filming TONS of videos for both channels between the 11th and 21st.

3/17/16 - Haven't posted an update for a bit, I did a stream for building my church's new computer a while ago, and on Sunday I posted a completed build. I haven't released any other video yet, as I've been a lazy person. I've got another build in progress, and hopefully I can make some kind of video.

3/28/16 - I'm here again. Don't worry - a video is coming soon. Considering the fact that school nor church work have been kind to me for the past few weeks, I haven't had the time to create content. I haven't. Hopefully this video I have planned will be worthwhile. It's actually going to be multiple videos. So there's that.

4/11/16 - Finally, a video is planned. I am ordering a new micrphone setup on the 15th and my plan is to record next monday! Stay tuned for some updates.

4/15/16 - Ordered my new microphone setup!!!!!! HYPE!!!!!!!!

7/7/16 - My plan for the rest of the summer (and hopefully long into the school year) is to release videos on Tuesday. Dunno about the gaming channel yet.

9/1/16 - After recovering from laziness, I finally made two videos. I'm planning my upload schedule now to be Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday once a week.

12/20/2016 - No longer updating this list. kthxbye


Stuff that is just random that I might need in the future.

Free GTX 480's for everyone!
My Secret Stash of a Trumpload of Lenny Dollars
Nah JK this is my Trumpload
Proof that I paid $200 for my GTX 950

Friends List

PM me if you're not on this list but want to be or if I forgot you. This list isn't in any specific order.


Auf wiedersehen