Umm.. First of all, I dream of building a PC, I actually haven't done that. I've just checked out possible parts through PCPartPicker, (awesome). I use PCPartPicker to make combinations and check out different stuff and compatibility, prices etc. I am actually a teen. I'm 16. Alot of you probably wonder why I don't have a PC in my age, or why can't I afford one etc. Well truth is, sadly I haven't had a summer job to scrape up some money even for a cheap PC, I don't get a monthly allowance so that I can save money. Now you're probably wondering why I haven't got a PC from my parents, well they don't want to, lets put it like that. I have to use this laptop, (crappy, HP Pavilion dv6000), and it's quite a hard task. I can't play any games on it, I can only watch Netflix and/or YouTube. But I really want to be able to play games. Okay, I can run Minecraft and Terraria, but I mean proper games, like Payday 2, Just Cause 2, Red Faction: Guerrilla and all that kind of stuff. But sadly I can't :(

That is my description of me.